And I Thought You Were My Friend

June 24, 2011
Emma and Joey had known each other since the 6th grade. They had always had this special kind of bond between them. They first went out when they were in the 8th grade. Even though they were super close the relationship didn't last very long due to the summer quickly approaching. In the fall they started high school. It was a whole new experience for the both of them. They were going to expand their friend circle and have a new life waiting for them. Throughout the summer Joey had gone out with different girls but had never been able to stop thinking about Emma. School started and Emma and Joey saw each other in the halls but had not been able to just hang out. One day late in December Joey decided he was going to try things with Emma again and ask her out. Since school was out for Winter Break Emma was in Virginia until the New Year. Joey knew he couldn't wait that long to ask her out in person so instead he wrote her a romantic letter asking her out. After mailing it, he waited anxiously for the day a letter came back with a reply. Once the New Year rolled around and Joey had not received anything back from Emma, he started to become worried. What if she was out in Virginia on the beach with some handsome college guys he meet? What if she doesn't feel the same way about me? School started and Joey saw Emma in the hall looking even better than she did when she left two weeks ago. Joey on the other hand was looking horrible due to the lack of sleep he got over break while waiting for Emma to respond to his letter. Since she was in a hurry to get to class all she just gave a wave to Joey. It was like she had never gotten the letter. After lunch Joey received a text from Emma asking him to meet her in the park under their favorite tree after school. After responding back Joey started getting butterflies.
After school he made his way to the park. He looked from a far at the girl he loves. As he slowly walked up to where Emma was sitting he kept on thinking what she wanted to talk about. The same thought that had been racing in his mind all day. It ended up that Emma wanted to talk about the letter she had received while she was in Virginia. Joey’s couldn't believe what he heard. She wanted to tell him in person that she did indeed want to go out. At that moment Joey's heart skipped a beat. The two of them spent every minute they could together. Whenever Emma wasn't getting along with her parents Joey was always there to lend a shoulder to cry on. Valentine’s Day was around the corner and Joey hadn't planned anything special to do. He was talking with a friend of the couple, Courtney about the whole situation. Courtney offered to plan a romantic night for them including cooking dinner and having a walk through the park. The whole evening was planned out when Emma called Joey explaining that she had gotten into a huge fight with her dad and wasn't able to be with him for dinner. Joey forgave her and told her that she would see him on Monday at school. Joey wasn't going to have this night go to waste so Courtney and Joey decided they were going to sit down and have the dinner that Courtney prepared. Courtney had taken a bottle of wine from her dad's cabinet and cracked it open, just to keep things interesting. She had also bought some weed that she was planning on smoking while Joey and Emma were having dinner. After an adventurous night of drinking and smoking things began to happen that shouldn't have happened.
As Joey lay awake in his bed the next morning, he began to recap on the events of the night before. How could he have been so stupid to do that? How was he going to tell Emma? How could Emma ever forgive him for what had happened? That was just it. She wasn't going to forgive him. He called Courtney to see if she could keep what had occurred a secret. All she could say was that 'You can't take back what you did to her. She's going to find out one way or another' and then Courtney hung up. Joey knew at that moment that things were never going to be the same again. And he was right. School came around and things seemed like they were normal. When Joey and Emma hung out around their friends Joey could sense people looking at him. It ends up being that Courtney had gone around and told some of her closest friends what had happened. One of those friends was a girl name Mia, who was close friends with Emma, Joey and Courtney. She knew that someone had to tell Emma. Emma had that right to know that for the past week Joey had been keeping secrets and lying to her. Mia also knew that she had no right in telling Emma. Joey should either be a good boyfriend and fess up to Emma and tell her what had happened and hoped to god that she would forgive him. If not then Courtney should get the courage to tell Emma and deal with the consequences that will result. But Emma didn’t find out from either Joey or Courtney. Instead she found out from Emily. Courtney was bragging to Emily about the wonderful night she had had with Joey and Emily was tired of the lying and secrets.
Emily took it into her own hands and told Emma what had happened between Courtney and Joey on Valentine’s Day. The moment that Emma heard the news she broke down crying. The person she loves had ruined her trust. She couldn’t believe what she had just heard. When Emma finally confronted Joey about the situation, he just denied everything that had happened. Emma wanted to believe him but knew she couldn’t. She was madder at her friends. They had known what happened for a week but never said anything. They had seen her and Joey together and never thought of telling her the truth. And Courtney……... How could she have done this? Courtney and Emma were best friends. How could Courtney hurt Emma this bad and not tell her? Emma really didn’t know who her true friends were. True friends wouldn’t help someone’s boyfriend cheat on her and true friends sure wouldn’t keep secrets like this.

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