Love's Long Adventure

May 26, 2011
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Long ago on the oceanic horizon there stood a smooth sandy land, and island, home to all emotions and feeling. There was happiness, sadness, knowledge, and
all of the other feelings, including Love. One day it was announced to the feelings that the island would sink, so all of the feelings had to construct boats. Everyone left, all but Love.
Love stayed, alone. He didn’t believe that the island was going anywhere he just had figured it was going to be a high tide or a roar load of waves, so he wanted to hold out until the last possible moment. Love had realized that the water had now risen up to his knees, he had to go. When the island was almost completely gone under, Love cried for help
Richness was passing by Love in a grand boat, flashing off his platinum frame and jewels of all kinds. Love said “Richness can you take me with you?”
Richness answered, "No, I can't. There is a lot of gold and silver in my boat. There is no room here for you."
Love decided to ask Vanity who was also passing by in a beautiful vessel. Vanity whom was jolly and full of pride, who was egotistic, who was arrogant smiled his way slowly passing by just as he heard a voice. It was Love. "Vanity, please help me!"
"I can't help you, Love. You are all wet and might damage my sweet interior." Vanity replied as he zoomed off.
Sadness had just finished packing up his things and was on his way to his tiny boat. Love asked politely "Sadness, let me go with you."
"Oh . . . Love, I am so sorry I can’t even help myself what makes you think I can help you? I’m so sad that I need to be by myself!" Sadness said as he walked with his head down and tears in his eyes.
Love became hopeless; he sat upon the only rock still standing above water and broke down. He looked at what once used to be home and once more felt alone. Then he heard a chuckle, along came Happiness drifting by in her speed boat. She was one of the most uppity people on Emotion Island and one of the most obnoxious persons you will ever meet, she’s happy. She was so excited that when Love called out for her, she couldn’t even hear him desperately calling for help.
Suddenly Love heard bubbles. He turned with speed in search of the source. He saw a head peak above the water surface, It was Depressed. “OH NO!” Love said. He jumped into the rising waters and swam his big heart out looking for him but he had disappeared further down under the water. Love felt a kick on his way back up for air, it was Depressed struggling to breathe, even though it was his purpose to no longer breathe. He wanted to end it all. Love pulled him up onto the rock. Depressed coughed and chocked in gasp for air. He inhaled, “Love you, why did you save me?” said Depressed. “Because you’re my friend and I care.” Love spoke. “But nobody wants t be my friend, nobody cares that’s why they left me like they left you.” He said in a down tone. Love thought to himself for a moment. “Well why don’t we try to make our own boat?” love questioned. “It’s no point in it, the wood left is soiled.” Depressed had no confidence and no joy what so ever. Something had to be done.
Love was determined to get off of this fading island. He gathered up some of the logs that the feelings used for fire wood and laid them close to one another, side by side. He then used leaves to tie them all up so they wouldn’t move, hoping they would remain stable. Love grabbed Depressed by the hands and brought him aboard the little ship. The island was now covered in water. They slowly drifted off to sea. It was very windy and they had no shelter, just each other. Love embraced Depressed to keep him warm. Love talked to Depressed about the clouds to keep him sane. “Do you know about clouds?” Love asked. “No, well yeah those fluffy things up there.” Depressed replied as he pointed up in the sky. “You’re right but there’s more.”
A cloud is a visible mass of water droplets or frozen ice crystals suspended in the atmosphere. Majority of the clouds form in the troposphere, but sometimes they can form in the stratosphere and mesosphere. There are four types of clouds pal, the Stratus, the Altostratus, the cirrus, and the cumulus clouds. The stratus clouds are considered to be the low clouds.
“Why Love?” asked Depressed. “I’ll tell you why pal.” replied Love.
Stratus clouds are very uniform in color. They often cover the entire sky. They resemble fog that does not reach the ground. It doesn’t usually precipitate out of these clouds, maybe a slight drizzle. Now the Altostratus clouds are grey or blue and are composed of ice crystals and water droplets. These usually cover the sky fully to. The higher clouds such as Cirrus clouds are thick wispy clouds blown by high winds into long streamers. Cirrus clouds usually move from East to West.
“Now you see those clouds there, those ones standing up there?” asked Love. “Yes they look kind of funny, what are those?” Depressed Questioned. “Those are cumulus clouds buddy.” Love responded.
Cumulus clouds are puffy and they stand up tall, vertically. The base of the cloud usually lays flat, horizontally under the cauliflower tops.
The two become sleepy and started to fall asleep, but no, there was a storm on the way. Dark clouds began to fill the sky. A clap of thunder sounded. Depressed just couldn’t take it anymore. First he loses his beautiful island home to a flood, if you will. Then he is revived from his suicidal attempt and doesn’t know why anyone would really want to save him. Now he’s out in the middle of the sea with the feeling Love who is just loving too much, A storm is on the way and the waves are picking up in the water. Love turned for a split second to give the jacket off his back to Depressed but when he looked back Depressed was gone, he jumped and there was no saving him.
Love cried as he was feeling so alone. Ironically Lonely rowed up in her well built wooden boat and asked Love to lend his company. Love gladly jumped aboard. Lonely gave Love a big hug. “Oh Love! I’m so happy to see you!” she said. “I’m relieved to see you as well Lonely.” Love replied. Lonely had been lost for like ever. All the feelings gathered up and searched all of Emotion Island but did not find her anywhere. Everyone assumed the worst after a few weeks because there is not another piece of land for miles and miles and miles.
Lonely was starving, she hadn’t eaten a scrap of anything since she’d been gone. Lonely was slowly but surely dying. Love knew that she wouldn’t last much longer. He embraced her. The storm that was passing over the waves which had calmed down. Just when the sun was peeking from the clouds, Lonely had took her last breath. She was gone.
Love didn’t know what else to do, he had felt like it was the end of it all. The other feelings left him hanging; there was no food reachable, no drinkable water, and no one. Love was feeling helpless all over again. It had been days since Emotion Island had sunk.
A familiar voice sounded. “Don’t make no sense, Island done sunk, everybody’s gone, I’m hungry!” It was Grumpy! He had lived on the island with the other emotions and feelings for years. Grumpy didn’t like almost anyone on the island, it was just his nature. He was born just plain old stubborn. Almost everything made him grumpy, even things that were good, such as that great amount of rain Emotion Island received after one long, hot, dry summer. “Grumpy!” Love yelled. “Huh?” said Grumpy confusingly. “Would you please help me, can I come with you?” Love begged. “NO! Nobody comes with Grumpy!” he responded in a strong angry tone. “Please, oh please Grumpy?” Love begged some more. “NO I SAY!” Angry sped off on the water.
Loves’ eyes swelled with tears. Feelings of his fellow friend Depressed took him over. He was now lost out in sea, with no sense of direction, alone. Then came along Lost. As obvious as her name is, Lost was, well lost. She had been rowing her boat for what felt like a lifetime to find land nearby. She rowed by Love, and asked “Can you tell me where I am?” Love placed his finger upon his chin and thought to himself for a moment as if he really knew where they were. “No, I’m sorry to say I honestly cannot.” Lost asked Love to join her because she was simply frightened. Love hopped aboard and they sailed that little boat out to sea.
It was getting late and the sky was becoming a mellow blue. The stars were sparkling and the moon was brightly lit. Love and Lost gazed at the reflection from the heavens onto the water and became amazed at how beautiful it looked. The water was smooth looking, barley moving.
Then suddenly they feel a thump at the sole of the boat. “Love, what was that?” Lost asked cowardly. “I don’t really know.” Love replied in curiosity. The water developed tiny waves and the boat began to wobble back and forth as if there was something swimming around them or under. Love looked over the side of the boat and saw something swerving under the surface of the water. “Love, Love, what is it?” The dolphin peaked its head up and started making, well dolphin noises. “It’s a dolphin Lost!” “Oh thank God Love, I was scared.” In fact there were many of them, a school of dolphins. They were just racing around in circles under the water. Love placed his hand upon the nose of one of the dolphins and rubbed it gently as the dolphin nodded its’ head up and down. The dolphins swam up and down, in and out of the water. Love and Lost watched them along the horizon as they sailed on along.
The next morning when they woke up it was very misty, foggy out. They were chilly and shivering. Lost was getting paranoid because she didn’t know where she was. Love was calm, and collective. They were both thirsty and very hungry. Luckily they ran into Lucky. He rowed up through the fog in his big green and gold boat. His short stature wore the lucky colors, green and gold, as well. He was also rich and jolly. His boat was full of jelly beans and bottles full of fresh water. “Come on great neighbors, join me!” Lucky gladly welcomed Love and Lost onto his boat. He offered them some goodies and also warm blankets. Lucky was very prepared. “Thank you so so much Lucky!” Love and Lost said. “Oh, no problem I have too much of these precious things to be stingy.” Lucky replied. They sailed further out to sea, not knowing where they’re going; of course no one did anyway. The day went on, it was now noon, and the fog began to clear up. Love and Lost started to think that Luckys’ luck was running out. “AHHHHH!!” Lost pointed toward the direction at which they were rowing. “What is it girl?” Love asked. “It’s A it’s A—“ She stuttered. “IT’S A WHAT!?” Love and Lucky screamed. “It’s Land!” Lost said proudly.
They couldn’t believe their eyes. It was land, although it wasn’t home. Lucky pulled the boat up to the sand and everyone, over excited, jumped out and ran into the forest of the island. They were so happy that they forgot that this island didn’t belong to them, and that they had no direction instincts what so ever. Love ended up near a garden of Lilies, Lost was in a raspberry bush, and Lucky was unluckily in a thorn bush. “Ooh! Ouch! Ooh!” Lucky shouted. “ahhhh the smell of lilies.” Love said delightfully as he sniffed the flowers. “Where am I? oh no! I don’t know where I am!” Lost said perplexed.
The emotions were puzzled. Once they snapped out of their excitement, they began to all run, towards the light, back out of the darkened green forestry. Love reached the opening and he saw nor heard anyone. Lost reached the opening and saw and heard nothing. Lucky reached the light and found his boat, for he became a jolly old guy. He hopped on and kissed the sole of his boat as if he couldn’t be any happier to see his little transporter. He yelled for the others, “Looooovvveeee! Lossssssst!” No one responded. He put the boat in row and began to circle the little island in search for his little buddies. “Looooovvveeee! Lossssssst!” Lucky continued to yell. He looked through a scope to see if he could spot them from a far. He didn’t even see a bird fly from a tree. Lost panicked, “Oh no oh no! Will I ever see my home again?” She began to cry. Then suddenly she heard the waves from the sea, it was Luckys’ boat. She ran fast as she could toward the shore of the island and jumped and jumped waving her little arms. Lucky saw her and stopped to let her on. She kissed Lucky on the cheek; she thought she was never going to see the light of day ever again, because she had gotten yet again lost. Lost looked at Lucky and watched him blush trying not to smile. They sailed on around the circumference of the island and could not seem to find Love anywhere. “Losssssssssst! Luckkkkyyyyyyyyy!” Love yelled. He heard no voice yell back. Lucky had been rowing for about an hour now and he still saw no sign of Love. He carelessly gave up hope, he began to row away. Just as Lucky shifted out to sea Love peeked his head out of the tree line in search for Luckys’ boat, but he didn’t see it. Lost glanced back to double check the premises. The wind picked up and a breeze flew over the island. The trees and plants swayed and danced with it. Love yelled once more for verification that Lost and Lucky were not on this end of the island, “HEEEEEY GUYS ARE YOU THERE?!” Nobody responded. Lost thought she heard something but she thought nothing of it. Lost and Lucky had left Love behind.
Love didn’t know that he was left behind on an unknown island, alone. He suspected they were probably looking for others who might be here on the island or that they were looking for food and water. Love started to quietly wander around the island and scope out his surroundings. He noticed that this island had been abandoned. Love noticed that there was some vacant houses and tents. He thought to himself, why would they leave such a beautiful place?
This unknown island had vast amounts of fruits and veggies. It had nice strong shelters, and plenty of supplies to improve and create more. Love would soon find out that the island was taken over by mosquitoes. He found bones and skeletons of those who once were. They had been infested with Malaria and the eaten to death. He felt a sting on his arm. “OUCH!” Love yelped. He became frightened and ran like a coward out of the forest. He was followed by a swarm. They attacked. He couldn’t take it, Love jumped. Love bites was comforted by the cold ocean water. It soothed the heat from the mosquito bites.
Love swam and swam and swam. He finally found the boat he and Depressed were on before he joined Lost. He struggled to get in. Love plopped on the boat floor. Love was cold, freezing cold. He shivered as if he was stranded in a ice box. The sun beamed down on him and the moisture evaporated from his clothes. He was relieved to be warm again.
Love heard bubbles, biggg bubbles. It was a hole in the sole of the boat. It would sink in no time. Love rowed his fastest to somewhere, anywhere; he just rowed until he found himself back under water with the boat. He was exhausted by this point, but for his life, Love swam. He found himself stopping and just letting the currents take him where ever they please.
A boat was coming close. A small one, it was Optimistic. “Love? Is that you?” She questioned. “Opto? Is that you?” Love answered questioningly. “What are you doing down there?” She asked. “trying to catch my breath, what does it look like?” Love responded. “Grab my hand I’ll pull you in.” Optimistic said. Love grabbed and she pulled him her strongest into the boat. Love thought to himself, slightly worried, I hope I don’t get left behind again. Love and Optimistic then sailed to sea. The air became stuffy and heavy, like thick smog. They were coming up on a rocky surface. They ran into an erupting volcano. Rocky Mountain is what the emotions called it here. Optimistic was well, optimistic and she thought nothing but the positive in negative situations. She tried to turn the boat in the opposite direction but the lava had already been eating away at the boat. Half of it was gone but Love came to the rescue with his masculine build. “These muscles aren’t just for looking at!” he stated with a smile. Optimistic held on as Love directed the boat back toward sea. When they finally reached cooler waters they were left with nothing but a corner of the boat to float in. Good thing there was another piece of promising land nearby. This island was smaller than any other island that Love had come across since Emotion Island had sunk. It stood a bit tall at the top. It had homes on it which also seemed vacant. Optimistic thought to herself, this could be home sweet home. Yet, home sweet home it was not.
This was the enemy island. Here the aggressive actions live. Fight seen the boat and began to hop around on his two feet with his fists up, “Let me at’m! Let me at’m!” he said. Shoot had his gun in hand and started well, shooting at the boat. Love and Opto ducked for their lives. “Opto are you okay?” Love questioned. “Yes, everything will be okay, I’m sure of it.” She said optimistically. Stabber threw knives and daggers at Love and Opto. Optimistic had stood up to try and shift the boat away from the island and back out to sea. She had been hit by a dagger. “Ouuuucch!!” she cried out. “Oh NOOOOOOOOO!! Opto hang in there girl!” Love said as he put pressure on her wound. “Love, oh Love I will be fine just get this boat away from here.” She demanded. Love got up and with quickness turned the boat and used the emergency paddle that were hanging off the boat to commute them to sea. They had once again reached empty waters. Love looked down to check on Opto, the dagger had hit a main artery. She had passed, after she took her last breath all her weight had shifted to her lower body, which was hanging off the dead end of the boat. She had slipped down to the bed of the waters. Love cried his little eyes out. “Why me? Why me?” he asked. He thought to himself once more, the island has sunk. Depressed has died. Optimistic has died. Lucky and Lost have left me. I’m starving, and exhausted. All hope is lost.
Until! Rude shows up. Love knew automatically that he probably had no chance in rowing with Rude but it was always worth a try to ask. “Ruuuuude?!” Love yelled. Rude looked around confused. “Who calls?” he asked. Rude OVER HERE!” Love screamed. Rude rowed his boat closer to Love. “What is it that you want lad?” he questioned. “Can I please go with you Rude, please, I beg of you?” Love said. Rude thought to himself, I’ll just tell him yes and then speed off ha ha ha this is going to be a joy to watch. “Hop up lad, I’ll help ya.” Rude said. Just as Love was jumping on board Rude chuckled “sayonara loser, HA HA HA HA!!” Rude, like all the emotions usually did, lived up to his name.
Love was now stuck, stranded in the middle of this mass body of water on a half of a boat with no food no water no warm clothes, alone. Then Bashful showed up, she was very weak, especially when it came to Love. She had a crush on Love for many many years, but Love never knew. Bashful was approaching in her quick solution for a getaway from, now sunk, Emotion Island. Her boat consisted of one thick, long, wide piece of lumber, and a paddle. She paddled on in and was hiding her face from him, she knew it was him, Love. “Bashful, is that you?!” Love asked. Bashful just giggled and remained hid behind her hands. “Bash, are you there?” Love didn’t know if she was truly there or if he was just hallucinating considering the fact that he had begun to go insane. Bashful was so shy that she couldn’t dare face Love. She quickly paddled in the other direction before Love could speak another word. Love didn’t hear any sign of another being anymore. He knew for sure that he was losing it.
Unexpectedly he heard a splash, it was the Rosebush built boat of Emotion Islands’ long time friend Rosa. She was an elderly woman. She often would sail to different islands that were surrounding Emotion Island and bring the emotions back goods. She once had brought them back apples from the Wisdom tree at Intelligent Island. There was another time when she brought all the emotions cookies and cakes from Pastry Island. She voiced, "Come, Love, I will take you.” So blessed and overjoyed, Love even forgot to ask Rosa where they were going. When they arrived at dry land, Rosa went her own way. “Thank you Rosa for saving me, no one else seemed to have wanted to.” Love said with a saddened tone. “You’re welcome child, be blessed.” Rosa said with a smile as she paddled off. Love waved with a tear falling from his eye.
Love hadn’t realized that he was at home sweet home, Emotion Island. The heat from the sun had evaporated all the moisture flooding the island. He walked around and heard no one, seen no one. He was quiet and happy but at the same time sad. He went to his home, “SURPRISE!” All the emotions spoke. They had surprised him. Love had sailed for weeks, the island had been above water for weeks. Rosa found a way to secretly get back to the other emotions and let them know that Love was home. Love was grateful and happy to see all the emotions who had survived there, and the new twins Jolly and Molly, Happiness had given birth. The feelings gathered and had a wonderful party, all for Love, after his long adventure to sea.

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