June 2, 2011
It was a hot summer day at the Snyder’s house. Adam and I were way too hot to stay inside, so we snuck onto his roof I was hungry, so I brought crackers.
Before I went outside, I changed into my bathing suit. Being a girl, I never miss the chance to get some sun!
We got on his roof, and of course I made Adam go first. He got on and started to slip when he dropped his hand on a nail! I saw the blood and knocked out cold. Since I was already on the roof I slipped off and fell down the roof. Thank god it wasn’t a huge drop.
I woke up and everything was fine. I sat up and Adam yelled at me, “Rachel! You got blood all over the floor!”
I searched my body for a cut, but couldn’t find a thing! I raced towards the bathroom to check areas I couldn’t outside. I looked in the mirror and sure enough through the back of my bathing suit was a bloody mess on my butt.
“Adam . . . I found it.”
Still, there is a scar on my butt. Luckily, many people don’t see it.

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