Trapped in the Past

June 15, 2011
By , Novi, MI
Icy, salty waves leapt onto the damp beach. A misty haze spread from the tree line of evergreens to the horizon of gray sky that melted into navy blue ocean. The frigid wind cut into Everett’s light clothing as he lost his self deep in thought. He sat for hours not registering the bitter temperature seeping into his bones. Sprays of seawater dampened Everett’s clothing as the waves collided with solid rocks that had been ensconced on the shore for thousands of years.

The soft sound of feet imprinting the shell studded sand and the pressure of a strong hand made Everett whip his head around. The sound and the realistic feeling disappeared into the mist and the flashback began.

The car sped down the narrow country road. Everett’s younger brother, Sam, was in the passenger side flipping through radio channels. Cars streaked by as usual. Everett’s eyes began to slowly close and he felt as though lead weights had been put on them. The car inched closer to the yellow line. In a split-second, Everett’s world was rocked in a way he could of never imagined. Their blue Explorer slammed into another car. Glass shattered and sparkled like diamonds on the tiny dirt shoulder. Their car went airborne and slammed into the giant oak trees firmly planted on the side of the road.

Everett’s mind cleared and his eyes registered the scene before him. The car was upside down, glass smashed, oak trees scarred by the wreckage, and the most terrifying sight was Sam, hanging from his seatbelt. Scarlet blood coursed down his temple and dripped from his hair and splattered on the black leather seat.

Everett’s mind clicked out of the accident. Suddenly he was back on the damp beach staring blankly into space. Anger, guilt, and anxiety roiled within him. Frustrated, Everett walked from the beach, still tormented by the thoughts whirling through his head.

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