Her Perfect Stranger

June 14, 2011
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The girl leaned against the brick wall, the same as every day. Her smooth hazel eyes drifted over the passing crowd, as usual. She saw shoppers and businessmen, couples and friends, singles and wanderers. Not once did she get a second glance, not once did anyone throw her a smile or wonder who she was. When they went back through their day, they wouldn’t remember the young girl off the sidewalk, watching their every move.
The sun was still rising when he came into view. She’d seen him every day for the past month. She didn’t know his name, where he came from or where he was going, but he was her most interesting subject.
He walked swiftly down the sidewalk; deftly dodging the people he passed by. His white-blond hair brushed his broad shoulders and his smile seemed to be ever present. His skin was an alabaster pale that glowed in the morning’s sunshine. The boy’s eyes were hidden by the fringe of his hair, but she could feel his gaze land on her. She stared back, a smile forming on her lips.
For a few seconds, the noise disappeared. Everything went quiet and blurred around his form. He was her centre of attention for that one short moment, the moment she’d waited for. She caught her breath as a light gust of wind brushed his hair just enough for the sun’s rays to catch his brilliant green irises. She’d never seen his eyes before, never had a peek into his soul. And then he disappeared around the next corner, her smile going along with him. The world came into focus and the volume returned to her ears. The moment was over with her perfect stranger.

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