Cheap Therapy

June 14, 2011

The water seemed to stare her right in the eyes. Splashing around the mess she left behind. The blue of the water disappearing with her waste. It took everything in her to get up and walk away with out breaking down, knowing she had failed herself once again. 
Once again, the ringing in her ears had overpowered her. Forcing her to do what shed worked so hard to escape. Her demons practically knocking right on her front door. It all just came so easily to her. The routine was her best friend. After-all, who was there when she needed them most, her friends or binging and purging? The answer was an easy one to guess. Throughout all of lives struggles, all she had to do to feel like she could get out of bed in the morning is fill up her stomach until she felt she would burst and then let it all out. 
Therapy is what it was. Cheap therapy. 

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