Teenage crush

June 14, 2011
When I hear my phone go off, and I know it’s you, my breath catches a bit sometimes. When you randomly stare me in the eyes, I feel content, happy, utter bliss. I love when you text me. We talk about the most random things, argue, and just entertain each other. I love how you act around me, I like being close to you. I like how you make me smile. Plain and simple I like you.
You’re always talking to me about the song, Rhythm of Love. Maybe is a sign? I wish I knew how you felt about but I probably never will. Things tell me you do then other things tell me you don't. I personally don't think you would go for me because you can get much prettier girls and your friends with so many girls so it doesn't help my thinking. Maybe one day something will happen between us, but for now I am fine just being your friend. But, I don’t know how long I can stay like that

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