Greatest Decision

May 29, 2011
By Andy411 BRONZE, McKinney, Texas
Andy411 BRONZE, McKinney, Texas
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I am the champion. I just won the 2020 NCAA Division 1 Baseball Championship for the University of Texas; as I threw the final pitch the Umpire says, “Strike three! You’re out!” The whole team jumped on top of me on the pitcher’s mound like a cannonball jump in the pool just landed on my body. The moment was surreal; holding the Championship plaque was almost as special as when I was just a little boy in 2008; being sucked into my T.V. like I was brainwashed, and watching my favorite team, the Philadelphia Phillies, clinch the World Series.
Instantly, as I walked off the field with my team, something just wasn’t right. I began to feel confused beyond belief. My mind was having all these conflicting thoughts going back and forth like there was a war going on in my mind because I recently just claimed a first place finish at the Last Comic Standing. I reached the locker room to go shower and I let the water pour on me, because I knew this was a big decision in my life. After the shower, I got onto the plane to go back to the University of Texas and I began to think........and think.........and think..........and think. I knew there was a great future for me in both, but I did not want to regret the decision I make.
As each day went by and I was nearing my college graduation, I was feeling the pressure that it is time to decide on my future. “I cannot sleep!” I said to myself during each night. Each day and night I moped around school like I was in a black hole and I could not get out of it. I was so delirious and ambivalent to the point where I knocked into people left and right because I lost my sense of direction. I thought that if I wore my lucky outfit, a University of Texas T-shirt, tan cargo shorts, and Pink-Florescent Nike Shoes, then my troubles would go away. I mean that is why the outfit’s lucky, right? Contemplation engulfed my brain!
I decided to call upon my family and my dog, Ruffles, for advice. Greatest decision I made in my life. Time to trust the people within my circle of trust. The people that I trusted the most. The people that taught me how to be a respectful and mature human being. Without these mentors in my life, my decision would have been made in the wrong way, and my life would have been lost in many directions.
“What should I do, Dad?” I said with desperation in my voice.
“Well, what have you had more success in?”
“I don’t know Dad, I mean I am a guy with many talents, what can I say?”
“Well, what is your gift?” my dad said with confidence.
“What is your dream?” my mom said with assurance. Asking me these questions put my mind in whirlwind of thoughts. Then Ruffles came to my lap because he knew I needed his advice. Ruffles gave the two barks to me; I know what he wanted. Ruffles wanted me to be happy.
“Ruff! Ruff!” said Ruffles.
After this talk, and with the support of Ruffles, I still was walking around the next day at school with more confusion, and I began to feel immense pressure beating on my head like a hammer had just penetrated through my skull. My fellow classmates and friends thought I was losing my mind as I randomly, during my classes at school, had these nervous breakdowns, I began to sweat nonstop; my heart pumped faster; my words began to tremble as I ask questions to my teachers. Finally, my heart began to pump normally like a smooth pour of water coming out of the faucet and the sweat began to slowly, but effectively, get released from my body. After my first normal conversation with my friends in a relaxed and peaceful tone the whole day I felt I knew my decision. I felt a moment of greatness; I felt pumped; I felt motivated.
After class I pranced to my room; Ruffles got on my lap and gave me the two barks and the lick on the face. When Ruffles gave the lick on the face, that meant he wanted to toss the baseball around, and immediately my decision clicked in my mind. I knew that baseball is what I wanted to do.
“My dream is to become a Profession Baseball Player because I know baseball is my gift, and if I do not use it, I will regret it for the rest of my life.” I said with relief. The tension in my body evaporated like water coming off the ground on a hot summer day.
Each day, I have a goal, and that goal throughout the up and down moments of my life has been the same goal-to become a Professional Baseball Player. This was fulfilled because of the ability in myself, my family, and Ruffles to persevere through adversity.
Because of this, I am a Major League Baseball All-Star and the 2023 World Series Champion with none other than the Philadelphia Phillies. Being able to wear the amazing Phillies red, and represent the city of Philadelphia would have not been the direction taken without the support within my circle of trust.

The author's comments:
I am a 17 year old competitive tennis player who loves writing about sports. My favorite Baseball team is the Philadelphia Phillies, and that is why I wrote that the young man decided to play for the Phillies. I am also a person who loves his family and I believe that it is always important to discuss important life decisions with your family, especially your doggies.

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