The Poor House, wondering what ever could've happened...

June 10, 2011
By TakeAChance SILVER, Parker, Colorado
TakeAChance SILVER, Parker, Colorado
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And then the silence wrapped itself around me,

Enveloping me into the frozen wasteland I call home.

I look around and see calm, cool, collected.

I see open space for people to "envision"

I see the way it used to be

and the way it is now.

I see an empty, Desolate, room.

It is sad, cold and crying to me.

How could I let this happen?

It whispers at me.

How could you just stand and watch?

The walls are confused, It appears as though no one lives here,

but a broken family with severed souls,

and fake smiles walk through the halls.

Walk through the empty hallways,

remember how they were once decorated with the finest art,

the most decorative trinkets,

and the prettiest colors.

Remember that life wasn't always so cold and lonely,

at one point,

we were a whole.

Even in seperation.

The house,

that has watched all of this go on for years,

is confused.

What happened?

What went wrong, where along the road was it decided,

that this was wrong?

A lady comes.

The house shrinks back,

the walls seem to cave in ever so slightly,

the doors will themselves to lock,

but one disagrees.

She changes the beautiful layout,

trys to make the house look more open.

This is greatly resented.

When she leaves,

the floors whine so quietly,

they too, are remembering.

What it was like to have nails that needed clipping trod along their not so shiny surface,

how it felt to have fur and dirt cast upon them.

They never thought they would miss the presence of another dumb being.

The furniture groans,

wishing is was still in its original place,

that it could still watch.

The entire house,

furniture, floor, walls, windows, pictures, all of it.

Wishes and watches and hopes.

Until the lady shows up again.

When she leaves, all hope has vanished.

The girl that sat in silence, denying, watching, wishing, and hoping

that something would change.

Walks around in a trance,

Remembers everything the walls have seen,

pictures the way it was supposed to be.

She gets to one room,

Remembering her favorite memory.

They used to have a puppy, she was given away which the girl pretends didn't happen.

The puppy was blocked from only one room.

She remembers when her father used to sit in there and read, when he would sleep on the floor.

She remember how ever since he left, the room has been empty.

There is a baby gate, to keep the puppy from staining the carpet in the room.

In the memory, she climbs over the gate, home alone, and stands in the room. just on the other side of the gate.

She stands and watches the dust swirl around the sunlight, watching how still and beautiful it is.

Because there are still plants in the room in the memory.

She doesn't remember how long she stood like that, just watching, remembering.

But when she gets to this room, she stands in the same spot and stares.

Falling to her knees, she realizes the inevitable.

Meeting this lady made it all real.

The house senses that she has realized she can no longer deny this.

She can no longer pretend.

She gets up, and sits in a chair.

The house knows.

A flash of light, a short memory.

And the silence, the stillness, cradles me.

Hugs me close, taunting, whispering in my ear.

The final realization dawns on me.

There Is No Hope.

The author's comments:
This is a very personal piece for me (that is, more then normal.)It's about trying to sell the house I've lived in my whole life and trying to deal with my life falling apart bit by bit. However the main focus is the house and how difficult it is for me to handle selling it.

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