The Guy Who Boke My Heart

June 10, 2011
By , Hubbard, OR
Chapter 1
As we walk out of the theater, I realize that I have just made the worst mistake ever. I have told him that I love him and then let him steal what was left of my heart. A few minutes ago, we were hugging while the music from the last scene in “Slum Dog Millionaire” played.
As he gazed into my boring brown eyes, I looked up to his beautifully created, soul capturing lakes of life.
“Do you really love me?” he had inquired of me.
“Well… I don’t know if I could tell you, for the fear of being rejected is too much to bear as it is.”
“Why do you think I’ll reject you?”
“I don’t think you realize how hard it is for someone as ugly as me to make into the dating network,” I said as teens around us tell us to shut our mouths.
I look deeply into his eyes and whisper, “I have a fear of being alone because, for so long, I was scared, abandoned, and left to die on the streets of LA.”
The look on his face was of pure shock; he pulled me close as I cried in his strong, muscular arms.
“Don’t ever let me go,” I whispered into his ear.

Chapter 2
“Erika, please! Come to your sister’s dance recital!” my step mom yells from downstairs as I lie on my bed.
“No! I’ve been to all the dress rehearsals and I’ve driven her to her classes! I AM DONE WITH THE STUPID KID’S DANCE ROUTINE!!!!!”

My step mom and I had been in a fight for two and a half hours and I was about ready to die. I text Alex to tell him I need to be picked up but he won’t respond. I wait until the last possible second to get ready and I get a text telling me to meet him at the park. I go and meet him at our secret hiding place.
“Hey baby, what’s going on?”
“Janelle and I are in a fight again and my dad is gone once more.”
That is when she comes walking up in her little miniskirt and a low cut t-shirt.
“Hey baby,” she says with such and attitude that you would think she was in a fight with her mom or something.
I look at Alex and inquire, “Who is this tramp?”
The chick glares at me and says” Tramp? Excuse me but im the one that is dating him.”
Then look at Alex again and this time he has an amused look in his eyes.

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colisangel said...
Jun. 25, 2011 at 12:31 am
This is awesome!!! you are so talented!! I <3 u!!
Miss1433 replied...
Jun. 27, 2011 at 11:53 pm
thx cole!!!!
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