Rogue Toddler

June 7, 2011
By Cullen Irish BRONZE, Mattawan, Michigan
Cullen Irish BRONZE, Mattawan, Michigan
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“Give it back!” Timmy screamed.

“No, never, no way!” Tommy retorted.

Running, Mom came in the room and sighed, “Why do they have to do this every day. I thought I threw that away, how did they find it?”

Tommy and Timmy, the brown haired and blue eyed five-year-olds were fighting over the only toy in their minds, the best toy, the coolest toy, the monster truck. Not just any monster truck, a green one, which makes it the best.

“Timmy stop fighting with your brother,” Mom said.

“You’re taking his side?” Timmy yelled, “I was the one who took it out of the trash ‘cause Tommy was too scared.”

“No I wasn’t!” Tommy screamed as the fight continued on the soon-to-be-bloody soft, white carpet.

“Enough!” Mom finally yelled, “Timmy gets the truck for 15 minutes, and Tommy, you have to go outside with a brownie I just made and wait until it’s your turn.”

“But, but,” Tommy stuttered.

“Outside, now,” Mom said with an if-you-don’t-I’m-going-to-kill-you look, as she watched Tommy walk as slowly as possible to the counter, grab a brownie and leave. Mom proceeded to lock the door behind him and the rest of the doors and windows as she thought, there's no way he can get in, I’m a great parent.

Tommy was so mad, how could she choose Timmy over him to play with the truck first? So what if Timmy jumped in the big garbage can to find it, and so what if he then pushed it over, he still deserved to have the truck first.

After moping around for a couple of minutes, Tommy slowly made his way to his lame, embarrassing tricycle. It used to be his sister, Tammy’s but she outgrew it. Since Tommy’s parents were cheap, they didn’t bother to buy a new trike. Tommy and Timmy weren’t asking for much, just one that wasn’t pink and didn’t have unicorns and sparkles on it. Tommy decided to trike around while eating the brownie. As soon as Tommy rounded the first block on his trip, he saw a bully named Angela talking to her friend. He tried to pedal past her without being noticed, but it was too late.

“Hey Tommy, your sister called, she wants her trike back!” Angela laughed as she turned back to her friend.

“Shut up,” Tommy retorted while beginning to take a bite of the stupid brownie when he had an idea. He began to lift the brownie into a throwing position and carefully aimed at Angela’s unsuspecting face. Once he had lined up his shot perfectly he confidently said, “Hey, Angela, take this.”

As Angela looked up at the toddler riding a girlie trike, she saw a brown object flying at her face, which hit her with a splat!

“Ewww, he threw his brownie at me,” Angela cried while Tommy laughed.

“Lets get him,” Angela’s unknown friend said while pulling out two fully loaded water pistols from her pocket and handing one to Angela.

“Yeah,” Angela angrily shouted while Tommy turned his lame trike around and pedaled as fast as he could. As Tommy raced back to his house, Angela and her friend fell behind. Once he reached his house, Tommy ran into the wide open garage and found the water gun he had loaded just for emergencies like this one and his secret weapon, and hid behind some plants, waiting for the bully and her friend to appear. As Angela and her friend raced up the hill they shouted for Tommy to come out. Tommy, anxious and waiting sent a long spray of water at the girls, but only succeeded in hitting Angela's friend, then had to refill his gun. Laying down on the pavement the unknown girl fake gasped, “Leave me here, go get him.”

“Okay,” Angela said cheerfully while taking the girl’s gun and moving away from the collapsed girl. Angela, the mean bully, quickly found her way to Tommy’s green backyard that held many green plants, and yellow slide, searching for Tommy. From behind the yellow slide, Tommy fired a small spray of water at her. Just as it was about to hit Angela and force her to leave, she ducked out of the way and ran to the nearest cover. Angela knew that she was at a severe disadvantage since she only had two small pistols and he had a long range blaster. Plus, it was Tommy’s house so he knew where the best places to fire were. As she left her cover, she was forced to dodge four different poorly aimed sprays. She could tell that he had no water left in his blaster and began to move in. She could hear the sounds of Tommy pumping a gun that had no water left in it. She pinpointed where the sound was coming from and took cover near by. She waited only a second before springing out and spraying where she thought Tommy was. But he wasn’t anywhere to be seen. Confused, Angela looked all over and finally found a tree that had a note on it that said look up. Angela did, just in time to receive a face full of a red, 10-inch in diameter water balloon. Watching, Tommy saw Angela run home crying as loud as she could, running over her friend that had been shot. The next day Timmy screamed, “Give it back.”

“No, never, no way,” Timmy yelled back.

“Why do they have to do this every day?” Mom wondered.

The author's comments:
I had to write this story for LA and a friend of mine had a story in which I was hit with many warm brownies, so I wrote this story as payback to her.

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on Aug. 2 2011 at 5:40 pm
millievm97 SILVER, Schoolcraft, Michigan
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Nice job, Cullen! I remember when you read this in class. :)


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