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June 7, 2011
By stimmer33 BRONZE, Mattawan, Michigan
stimmer33 BRONZE, Mattawan, Michigan
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My mom is my Guardian angel. I have been blessed to have a great mom. She is not abusive, she does not drink, and best of all she Is a loving and caring mother and I couldn't ask for a better mom. She isn’t like any other mom. She is understanding like when I jammed my wrist at Roller World instead of being mad she she was worried for me and I told her that would have to rest it and she understood everything I was explaining about what happened, also she is down to earth and in my opinion gorgeous. Me and my mom have been through a lot, like trips to Notre Dame University for football games, soccer games, and just to shop and search through the campus, whenever she plans to go you can tell because she is kind of quite but excited at the same time whenever she doesn't really talk, I know we are visiting the University of Notre Dame. And there have been trips to my grandparents house in La Grange, Indiana where me and my mom suck down three cans of mountain dew because my grandma always ready when we visit almost every two weeks. Whenever its a holiday she curls her brown hair with blonde highlights into a curl at the end. She puts on her mother's ring which contains Tim's Ruby, her Diamond and, my Topaz because every time she dresses up it brings her inner personality and beauty out to tell that she is a loving, understanding, and gorgeous mom and friend. She only complains when she has a bad day at work and that is rare....

But she never takes her anger out on me she just relaxes and watches T.V, while looking through my back pack and planner. Some of the main things we like to do is travel, watch funny shows, and her favorite, watching me play soccer indoor or outdoor. She doesn't care as long as I'm doing what I love to do. On a usual day of the week she stands in a operating room sweating, breathing, and handing the neuro surgeon the tools to remove a brain tumor or perform a spinal fusion. She loves being a surgical technologist, she is a level two tech and she has only been there for two years. In the morning she wakes me up with a smile, she never shakes me or yells at me. she just gently taps me and says “Steffan”, with a soft tone. Everyday for the past eight years she has said “I love you's” and I return with the same response.

Whenever my grandma or anyone part of my family or friends see's my mom they think “the party is here.” Every morning my mom drives her silver G6 Pontiac through the Borgess Parking Garage, then after arriving after to work she has to walk on clean marble to the stainless steel elevator that has no stains on it whatsoever. Then from there she arrives to her floor, the fifth. From there she does her own thing. When she is in the operating room for a spinal fusion she tends to put on some pop for the surgeon and nurses to listen to while fixing a human being spinal cord.

In conclusion, that is the story of my mom and I hope that you paid enough attention, that you should notice that she does surgery on people with brain cancer and or broken spines. And that she isn't strict because she just wants me to be happy and not to ruin my day, mean if she was mean she knows that I would not like to be around her and she wants me to love and be with her all the time, or abusive, she would never abuse her only son it wouldn't be right because that only son would lead to no-one. She is someone I wouldn't trade for anything in the world.... not even a Million dollars or a truck for of gold because she is my mom and I love her, as much as playing soccer.

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