the Fair

June 9, 2011
By nicolee BRONZE, Bayport, New York
nicolee BRONZE, Bayport, New York
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As I step up to the man in the booth, buy my ticket and continue walking into this free for all. I’m walking on brown, chalky dirt. With scattered patches of yellowish-green grass . A gust of wind blows the sweet , smokey smell of funnel cakes and pretzels right into my nose. I hear people screaming as if they’re getting chased by a murderer. I look around as the bright, candy colored rides come to a screechy stop , waiting for the next round of kids to hop right in the seats and shoot up in the air again. My eyes follow the shiny candy apple red cart, it flys into the air , flips and twirls the kids around, as if there’s absolutely no weight on it. Theres lines you would think you’d be on for hours until you get your turn. I decide to wait on line. As soon as I sit in the stained, ripped seat. it blasts me up in the air and stays there for a little while. I look around me, I’m looking down at everything. Its picture perfect, like a puzzle. I look down at all the crazyness and just for a few minutes, I got away from it all just as im about to fall down again, I take a deep breath and swing my feet in the cool, clean, fresh summer air. I drop down , feeling a rush of butterflies in my stomach. I get off, almost feeling sick, but have pride I did it. Teenagers run past me, chasing eachother drowning in their own laughter. I listen carefully, I notice the sound of only the most upbeat popular songs being played in the backround. I head over to a booth. The booth is covered with huge letters and flashing lights . inside, the walls are painted with stuffed animals hanging from it, top to bottom. One by one, their being set free and the prize is handed off to a little one, making his or her face fill up with joy along with a huge unrealistic smile. The worker feels like she just made someones day. I hear a loud high pitched ding, I turn around and see a man with a oversized hammer thrown on his back and using all his strength to throw the hammer back down on a sliver plate. When he does that, a red mark goes up this long, old, scale and lands on a number and I guess that’s where the dinging comes in. As the sky gets darker, more and more people start to show up, a totally new crowd. The familes leave and more young faces come in with a group of friends. I walk over to some more bright colored booths and in the center of one is a few hundred gold fish just waiting to be taken home by a winner. Even though they don’t last long. A little kid could probably stay here for days without getting bored, but unfortunately, this place does close, and move onto the next spot, seeya!

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