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June 9, 2011
By tyler29 BRONZE, Aurora, Oregon
tyler29 BRONZE, Aurora, Oregon
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Brap Brap that is the sound of the starting gate getting ready to drop. While you are at the starting line to get ready to race. The gate drops and Ricky Carmichael has the lead by two seconds ahead of James “bubba” Stewart. Ricky Carmichael has won the championships 4 times in a row can he pull it off again? Wait who is this guy he is in third getting ready to pass bubba? That there is Casey Carlyle. A prospect out of El Paso Texas. Well is he any good? Ya he won Winchester this year by a full lap. The race finally ended and Casey Carlyle crashed out the last lap when he was in the lead. Casey walks away and an ex super cross legend came up to him and said “son are you planning to take it”. Casey said “take what”. The legend replied and said “you’re racing”. Casey shook his head and said “hey man not to be a drag or anything but I don’t want to have a conversation with someone I don’t know or care about.

After Casey said that the legend spoke back and said well my name is Jeff Johnson and all I’m asking is were would you like to take your motocross. Casey replied and said “gosh dang Jeff Johnson I’m sorry for being so rude I didn’t recognize you with your bald head”. “Ya I get that a lot” said Jeff. But you still haven’t answered my question. Casey said “well when I know I will sure tell you because at this point im not sure. “ Alright well here is my card and when you know call me up cause I’m working with team nami these days” said Jeff

The next morning rolled around and Casey wasn’t feeling so good. So he decided to drive down to the local store. As he was walking into the store there were some local gang members just sitting outside smoking? Casey was just doing his own thing walking into the store and the gang members smiled and followed him in. they went up to him and asked him what u doing homie. He turned to them and said man all you guys want right now is trouble. They said what was that vato. He turned away and the gang members threw him on the ground and started beating him up. He could do nothing about it so he just had to take it. They were going so hard on the poor guy that they drug him outside and shot him in the leg. There was blood every where even coming out of his mouth.

The cops are here!

Someone in the store called nine one one and so the cops show up. The cop asked Casey if he was doing alright and Casey looked up with tears running from his eyes and said “no but whoever did this to me will pay”. The cop just shook his head while he was calling the ambulance. About fifteen minutes the ambulance showed up and took Casey to the hospital. They were pulling into the hospital and Casey was still crying in pain. They rushed him in the emergency office and got him all fixed up. The only problem is that they didn’t know what to do for his leg besides get surgery on it. The doctors didn’t think that they should give him surgery because he has no insurance to pay for it all. So what they did was tell casey that they could do nothing for him besides wrap it up. They told him he would never be able to walk again. He started to ball his eyes out because he didn’t know what he was going to do for work or what was going to happen to him. One of the only things that came to his mind was motocross. He thought that he would never be able to do it ever again.

Will I ever be able to do it again?

A few days after all of this happened Casey was sitting at home icing his leg. He had his wheelchair and he went into the garage. He saw his dirt bikes just sitting there waiting to be ridden. He told him self “one day I will be the best and it doesn’t matter what the doctors say I will be able to ride again”. I know how I can. Casey was planning to get a fake leg put on and have his old leg amputated.

The race!

Well today is the biggest race that Casey will ever have of his life can he pull it off? Casey has had one of the hardest times of his life since he got jumped back in 2008. That was three years ago maybe even four so he should be all healed up. He has a prosthetic leg and he should be ready. Casey must be one of the best and one of the toughest riders I have seen yet. He got jumped and his leg was shot. Dang his life must have sucked during that time period. I know if I were at this stage I wouldn’t want to come back and race but he loves this sport so much that he will do it. “Can he do it” said the announcer. “He is on the last turn, AND HE WINS” Shouted Jeff Johnson. Casey Carlyle is the new world champion of the world. This guy has so much heart it is unreal.

This goes to show that if you really want something then you can put your mind to it and do it. That has came form a true legend- Casey Carlyle

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it is about my moto career

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