A Moral For Everyone

June 12, 2011
By Anonymous

“Imagine a world where everything was perfect. It was a time where everyone has the same definition of perfection. Fortunately, things weren’t always like this. The sun did not always shine brightly in the sky, the stars didn’t always sparkle, and everyone wasn’t always cheerful and smiling from ear to ear. Our society had changed drastically within years. What people didn’t know was that I would be the one to change it.

I was born into a society where everyone looks the same and does everything at the exact and precise moment as the others, except for me. I do not have the plain, simple face, with blue eyes and straight, blonde hair. My hair is thick and brown. It flows beautifully down my back and loose like curls. My eyes are brown and my face has a special glow. My name is Gabriella Marisol Garcia, I was fated to be different, and I am the change in this society.

From the moment I was born, I had the constant struggle against not only my parents, but also a consistent battle with the people in society because of the way I looked on the outside. To this day, I have lived a sad, friendless life. Only my parents have finally accepted me at the age of sixteen. Yet, I have reached a point where I am sick and tired of being shunned by my peers. I was created different for a reason and I was determined to figure it out. Was I meant to change society back, to a time of imperfection and back to an emotional place? I would soon find out. I was off to figure out my purpose.

It all started about a year and a half ago-it was my freshman year in high school; also known as the hardest time of my life. I continued to be shunned by the people I have known since I was five. Luckily, there was a girl named Abigail Taylor. She was like me, perfectly different. She moved to my town that year from Europe. She was the only person that understood me and accepted me. She was the best friend that I never had growing up. She loved me like a sister and she, like me, was out to find her purpose. She was out to figure out why she was different from the rest of the world.

We became close instantly. She told me all different kinds of stories on how there were only 7 of our kind in the world, one person for each continent. There was a new story everyday about her travels to meet the others. In every story, every girl and boy had the same views. They wanted someone to notice them, take a chance and befriend them. They wanted someone who wasn’t like them to reach out. Fortunately, the dream of someone reaching out became a reality for Gabriella and Abigail. It was the beginning of acceptance.

A girl named Ana, needed my help. I was different yes, but I was the smartest girl high school. Ana on the other hand was failing three of her classes. She needed a tutor and she wanted me. In fact, she needed me. But, I could not help but wonder why I should help her. Since I was five, I was tormented and bullied by her. This made her popular. Being mean to the girl that was different was considered cool among most people. However, I was not the type of person to hold a grudge and decided that it would be in my best interest to let the past go and move towards the future.

Tutoring Ana was probably the smartest decision I have ever made. Why? Well, as much as time as we spent together, she realized I was more than just the girl that acted different, and the girl that looked different. She apologized for weeks about judging me. She told people that the things they said about me were wrong. I was and am a good person, who will do anything to be there for someone else. I am caring and people began to see that. They decided to give me a chance as well as people like me. Ana and her posse had finally accepted Abigail and me. We had done something that we never thought of. We changed society. Now, our next goal would be out to change the world.

I realized that this was my mission in life all along. I had changed my neighborhood, and now with Abigail by my side, we would change the world one person at a time. But I believe, this is why I was born looking different, with a different set of values, to enable you to look at the world and its people without prejudice. This aids you in seeing the world from an alternate perspective. As my group of changelings grows, so does its affect on the world by setting the standard to improve life on this planet one person at a time. This is my story, a story of girl struggling with who she is and a girl who is tired of being judged.

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