Lucy's Dream

June 6, 2011
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“The day that I want to come so bad is when I finally graduate. So that I can finally pursue my life Long dream of becoming a Singer”, thought Lucy a Senior from Nashville Tennessee. Lucy has long dark tree like brown hair. With Ocean blue eyes. Lucy's Favorite thing to do in the whole wide world is to Sing. Singing is what Lucy has always loved to do since she was in pull up diapers. As a toddler .When Lucy was just 11 years old here mom and dad bought. Lucy a Acoustic Guitar for her 11th Birthday. Lucy singing, dancing and playing around with her acoustic guitar. Lucy still has the guitar that her parents gave her, and she will always cherish it for ever and ever. That is one of the only memory’s she has left of her parents. After the disastrous fire that happened about four years ago. Both of her parents unfortunately didn't make it. So now Lucy lives with her favorite grandma. Grandma Lee.

My Grandma Lee is the best grandma in the whole wide world!,” Said Lucy
She has always been there for me whenever I needed someone to talk to. Also for someone just to go shopping with. To tell me that that shirt was cute on, And that you should really get it. She is like a big bundle of joy, and a happy old lady, with her big round old glasses. But unfortunately her grandma Lee is getting sick. Because she has been acting different then. She usually acts. Like when she was driving her old Bonneville. The Bonneville a rusty old car, with its windows in the winter lets air in, and the tire that has never been changed since my grandma bought the car 8 years ago. She would swerve and I would have to lean over and grab the steering wheel. So that we wouldn't get into a car crash. Also she would always ask me,

“Lucy were am I?”

So I would have to say,

“Grandma Lee its OK you are are at your house.”
Or she would also say what am I doing here. So I would have to tell her,
"Grandma Lee, you are here eating breakfast with me." But something that I am really sad about is that. Sometime she doesn't even know how I am. She says

“Who are you get out of my house,” Said Grandma Lee
So I have to calm her down and be like

“Grandma its OK I am your granddaughter and I have lived with you ever since my parents died four years ago,” Said Lucy
So then one day I decided to bring Grandma Lee to see a doctor. So they could tell me whats going on with grandma Lee.

When we got there it was raining so hard and then a bang. It was thunder. So we rushed to get inside. I then walked up to the lady at the front desk

“Hi I made an appointment for my grandma at 2:30,” Said Lucy

“O yes here you are,” Said the front desk lady.
She told me and my grandma to go sit on the chairs and the nurse. Will be right with you and your grandma. I said OK. Then the nurse finally arrived and took us to the room. After the nurse did what her job was to do. Then the doctor came in. So I told her whats been going on with my grandma. So she said I know whats going on with your grandma. So I said ok what is it. She said well I don't know if you really want to here it. I said I don't care I want to know whats wrong with her. So the doctor said she has Alzheimer. At first I didn't know if I heard her wrong. So I asked her to repeat it. So again she said your grandma has Alzheimer and I don't think she has long to live. So right in that room I looked around and at my grandma and just burst out crying and then I was just thinking. About all the memories that we had. Just over all what was going to happen to me. But also about my dream to become a singer. And to be able to go to this music school. That I have always dreamed about going to since I was just a little girl. Then I just got up and walked right out of the doctors office. And me and my grandma Lee went home.

Now my grandma has had Alzheimer for about 3 months and she has really gotten worse. So one day I started to sing to her. The song that both her and I loved since I was just a little girl. The song that she would sing to me when I went to her house. The song that we would listen to when we would go on trips. The song both her and I would cherish forever. Every time I would sing to her she would just calm down. Like she remembers all the times. We would sing it together. Or I would tell her that I really want to go to this music school in la. But just cant afford it. She would tell me o darling you will find a way to pay for it. So I tell her grandma I really hope so I really do.

Today was a really bad day for me. The day that something really tragic happened. My Grandma Lee unfortunately passed away this morning. I was so sad but then again I would know that my grandma would not want me to be sad for her. She would want me to be OK and not cry. Because that was just the person that she was.

Three days later we had the funeral. It was nice my Grandma would be happy and I'm glad she is in a good place now. She will be able to remember again. After the funeral ended, I went home to my grandma's house to clean out all the stuff to move to my new apartment. When I went to the computer room to clean it out I noticed a letter that my grandma wrote. It said to my Lucy, I am so sorry that I am getting forgetful, I know that its hard on you and it will just keep getting harder. So, before I forget again I just want you to know how wonderful and gifted you are. I've so enjoyed you being such a part of my life. So with that, do not be sad, make beautiful music. I will hear every song you sing. There is a gift to help you with this. Take this key to Nashville Bank and use this money to sing. I love you Lucy.

Finally the day Lucy had always dreamed about was finally coming true she was graduating. Then one of her teachers came up to her and gave her an envelope she opened it. It read you have been accepted!

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