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June 1, 2011
By CrossMyHeart SILVER, Cortland, Ohio
CrossMyHeart SILVER, Cortland, Ohio
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Favorite Quote:
\"Anything is Possible\"
\"It does not do well to Dwell on Dreams and Forget to Live\"-J.K. Rowling

The nerves in my stomach were building rapidly. As I walked onto the stage, I was stiff.

I was starting to breath hard. A lump in my throat formed as I sat down in my

designated seat. A silent hush poured over the crowd. Our principal walked onto the

stage, and onto the podium.

“Attention ladies and gentlemen this is your graduating class of 2015.”

“ I have promising futures for these students, I will announcne the valavictorians


The tension in the crowd started to rise.I heard my name, and I stood up slowly trying to

keep my balance.I walked to the front of the stage and held out my hand. He layed the

smooth long paper In my hand. I glared at the crowd, searching it for my family. I found

my mother and Father sitting their staring back at me with pride in their smiles. I could

see the tearsmIn their eyes start to form. I searched the auditorium for my younger

brothers.They were sitting their looking at me with elated smiles. I peered out into the

crowd Looking for the one person I hoped would be there. I kept searching until in the

very back I found her. My sister was looking directly at me our eyes met and she smiled

at me I knew she was proud of me. I walked back to my seat feeling a strong sense of

Of accomplishment. That night I lay awake in my bed. Thoughts were racing through my

mind like Leaves on an autumn day blowing in the wind. What career am I going to

choose? What college am I going to go to? I had already been excepted to UCLA I had

gotten a scholarship for basketball. I also sent my application to Notre dame. I hadn’t

received a letter. Tomorrow I had to choose what college I was going to attend.

“Did you sleep well last night?” questioned my father.

“not really,” I proclaimed “I had a tough time falling asleep.”

“Abby, you have some mail, one of the letters is from Notre Dame.” Yelled my

Mother from upstairs. She was getting ready to go grocery shopping.

My stomach tingled. I had no clue if I was even qualified to get in. I slowly picked up the

White envelope. I held it in my hand, it stared back at me making me feel vunerable

I slowly tore of the top of the envelope, and pulled out the neatly folded paper.

I held the paper tight as if it would fly away any second and everything would be lost.

I gently opened it, and there it stated:

June 1, 2015

Dear Abby,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been admitted into Notre Dame.

You will begin your first term in the fall of 2016. We look forward to assisting you in

Your education and supplying you with a strong academic background that will

Support you in your years to come.

WE our proud to declare that you have received a full athletic scholarship to play

Soccer on our Notre Dame team. Please reply as within the next week with your decision.


Kevin White

Notre Dame Athletic Director

I had been excepted. I reached to grab my phone, and dialed Hannah’s number.

“Hi,” said Hannah ”whats up?”

“ You woun’t believe it I’ve been excepted to Notre Dame, I even got a scholarship to

Play soccer for them!”

“That’s amazing, so are you going to go to UCLA or Notre Dame?”

My heart sank, I forgot I still have to pick the college I’m going to attend. I had no clue

If I wanted to play basketball or soccer. I am attached to both.

“Abby are you still there?” Hannah interrogated.

“Sorry I have to go, I’ll talk to you later okay?”



I walked upstairs and sat on my bed. My mom walked in.

“what’s wrong Abby?” she asked.

“I don’t know if I want to play soccer or basketball. I just got my Notre Dame acceptance

Letter and I have a full scholarship to play soccer. Or I could go to UCLA and play


“Only you can decide that.”

Fall Of 2016.

“Abby, there are soccer scouts here today looking for someone to take to the

2016 Summer Olympics in Madrid, Spain. So do your best out there today.” Said Kevin

my coach.

“ok.” I said.

That’s all I could think of to say, my mind was on other things. I had the biggest game of

My career today. I walked onto the field I felt safe and secure. I blocked everything out

Of my mind. I was ready, we were facing UCLA the bruins. They are ranked second in

The country, and it was my only chance being able to go to the Olympics.

“Hello sports fans today will be an exciting game. The Notre Dame Fighting Irish against

UCLA Bruins.” Shouted the announcer.

The referee blew his whistle and the game started.

We were leading 4-5. We had two breakaways, and four assists. My heart was

Pounding. This was the best game I had ever played so far. I was unbeatable every time

I got the ball. My heart was pumping I was running down the field as fast as a

Cheetah. It was my time to show the scouts how well I could play.

We were down to the last ten seconds and the game was now tied, 5-5.

My teammate passed me the ball and I weaved my way through all of the

Defenders. I was only twenty feet away from the goal, and I only had one defender on me

I was getting ready to score. I dribbled the ball past the last defender and swayed to the

Left I had beaten her to the goal. I looked at the clock I only had a few seconds left to

Make my dream come true. I peered down at the ball The crowd died down complete

silence everyone was watching me and as I swung my leg backwards and kicked the

ball. It flew over the grass like a hawk coming in for the kill. It hit the back of the net

and the crowd shouted they were filled with joy and happiness. I was overwhelmed.

That year Abby was selected to play

In the 2016 Summer Olympics. She was the best player.

She had beaten the best players in the world, she was ranked

Number one. Abby had fulfilled her dream, because she never

Stopped believeing in herself. She is a true leader and legend.

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