A Hard Life

June 1, 2011
By Anonymous

On march 12, 1964 in a small village in Mexico a baby was born in a fresh, summer starless night. In just two hours after he had been brought to this world his parents gave him away. His parents couldn’t raise him because they where too poor and didn’t have a home to give him. They left him wrapped up in an old blanket that was left behind in the poor streets of Acapulco, Mexico. They left the poor baby crying on the doorsteps of a near by neighbor.

In the early morning when the roosters crowed and the bright hot sun appears from the dark humid sky, the lady that lived in the house heard a baby crying, screaming his lungs out. Maria, the woman that lived there got her robe and unlocked the brown, old, rusty door and looked out side but didn’t see anything. When Maria was about to shut the door she looked down and saw a baby laying they’re crying with a torn old rag wrapped around its small, gentle body. She picked him up carefully as if he were as fragile as a feather. Maria took him inside and got him out of the dirty old rags his mother had left him in. she took him inside and washed him up. When she was done giving the poor little boy a bath, she also got ready. They headed out the door with nothing in their stomach and off to the orphanage.
When Maria got there she had told the lady in the front office named Lucia that she had found this baby outside on her porch and that she is too old to be raising a baby. Lucia took the baby from Maria; she never saw the little boy again. Lucia headed to the Head Mother of the house. Lucia, then knocked on the big two brownish red doors of the Head Mother’s office. Lucia came in as the Head Mother rose up from behind her large desk covered with papers from on end to another. When the Head Mother took the baby from Lucia, she started to walk down to the nurse’s room. There the Head Mother told the nurses to feed him and get him into some clothes. They named him Emanuel, and from there on he lived in the orphanage.

He grew up there and he disliked it very much, because he thought that his parents did not want him so they left him there. He told himself that one-day he would run away. On the day of his birthday when he turned 16 he got out of the bed he had slept in always, in the same room as all the other boys in the house, and he tip toed quietly out of the room without making a sound. He grabbed a blanket, a piece of bread and a couple of water bottles, and put in the only he had. When he opened the front doors he lifted his head up to the dark night sky and sniffed the night’s air. He told himself that he would find his parents and that nothing in the world would stop him. In the dark lonely streets of Mexico, he found an alleyway. He set the blanket down so he would get some rest for the long day waiting for him tomarrow. The next day at the break of dawn he woke up by the busy sounds of the streets, and went to look for a job.
He went to four fast food places but all they said is that they were not hiring. Emanuel wanted to give up but his stomach growled like a lions roar. So he walked for a couple of hours and he found a car wash that was hiring. He walked inside and the manager gave him a job. They handed him a red square towel, showed him where he was to stay and sent him to dry off the cars that come out of the car wash.
After 5 years he had been working there he got tired and hated his job. He planned to go to the United States and have a better job. So he saved up some money so he can hire a man that helped cross people over to the U.S.A. He found someone that they had told him was good and you wouldn’t get caught. Two weeks later he had found the man and gathered his stuff to get ready for the long exhausting, dangerous journey he headed out the door hoping he would get there safe and sound.
He found out that he wasn’t the only one wanting to go to the other side. There were families and women and men wanting an opportunity for a better life for them and for their children. At last the hot sun came down and the full bright shining moon came up and the group of 10 people started to walk in the dark. After 3 nights and 2 days with eating hardly anything to eat and drinking nothing but dirty water, they finally got to the U.S.A. The man that helped them cross the border left and told them where to go, he left them all alone is the lonely world. Emanuel felt so lonely and didn’t know where to go.
After a few weeks he found a place of his own. He found a job in construction. He worked there about 5 years. But one day when the immigration police came to where he was working, there they got illegal men and sent them back to Mexico. Some were lucky that they got away, but Emanuel wasn’t so lucky. They send him back to Acapulco. “After 5 years I have been gone, everything I can remember has changed.” Said Emanuel in a shocking voice. “The people are so violent and my hometown is a dangerous place.” One night when Emanuel was walking home from his job a group of men were walking by. They were shouting out ”hey fool give us your money!” They had baseball bats with them. As they got closer and closer Emanuel’s heart started to pump faster and faster, as if he was riding a rollercoaster. Before her knew it he was on the ground, with the cold steel bat hitting his skull and all parts of is body. In just five minutes laying on the ground there was blood everywhere. He could feel the warm blood running down his face. All he could see was four men laughing at him hitting him repeatedly with the baseball bat. The men took what they wanted, leaving him with just a torn up bloody shirt and dirty shorts. After a few minutes aching with pain, Emanuel had died from severe bleeding and brain damage.

A day after police discovered a dead body laying in the streets of Acapulco. They put posters and announced on the news that they had found a body of a man. After a week without a response from anyone identifying the body, they buried him with all the rest of the bodies no one ever recognized.

Everyone has a dream and some achieve and some don’t. Some parents want the best for there kids and the street of Mexico is not the best and the safest place where a child can grow up. But the boarder got harder to cross and life got difficult to live in. So some children, women, and men have died either trying to cross, and hoping to have a better life, or they have died living in a horrible place.

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