May 25, 2011
By haley985 BRONZE, Maitland, Florida
haley985 BRONZE, Maitland, Florida
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Discovering. This is also expressed as inventing. These are both my passion. When I invented a cure for cancer, it became my life.
As mentioned, when I invented a cure for cancer, everything changed. I was in my underground lab, with my partner Catherine, eating my lunch. Catherine and I had been working together for quite some time. We knew everything about each other! This is why when she saw I had mayonnaise on my sandwich, she knew something was wrong.
As previously stated, I do not usually have mayo on my sandwich. However, having that mayo might have just been a miracle. It had a special bacteria that killed cancer cells! How did we figure this out? I accidentally dropped some on the biology scanner! It started beeping and read, "Cancer cells! Cancer cells!" We immediately dropped what we were eating and checked the machine.
Next, we rushed our discovery to the Florida Hospital so they could test it. They were so ecstatic they found a way to contact the president. He immediately replied by saying he want to meet me! I could not believe it! I would soon be famous! That "soon" became that day! Anybody who saw Catherine or me on the streets would hug us!
All in all, my discovery had become a life changing experience. Everybody in the United States of America would soon know who I was. This could present big opportunities for me! Hey, I might even get to visit the National Science Lab! Thank goodness for mayonnaise!

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