Life as Queen Annabelle

May 25, 2011
By GIA1516 BRONZE, Marietta, Georgia
GIA1516 BRONZE, Marietta, Georgia
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Day 1- SENIOR YEAR, here I come!

Tomorrow is the first day of Senior Year and I’m ready to rock it. I just bought the I-phone 4g and I’m going to tell everyone. I am ecstatic about prom. I just haven’t decided what dress I’m going to buy. But who cares right now. I, Annabelle Allys Jenkins will RULE the hallways of North Valley High School!! AAAAHHH!!! Jay texted me, my super cute, popular, boyfriend and the love of my life.

Luv, Anna

2:30 shown in red on her alarm clock. Her eyes were wide awake, and placed her hands over her face and yawned. She got out of bed and went to her desk. As she sat down chills went up her spine coming from the chair. She pulled up her e-mail and saw 3 messages. They were eachfrom one of her popular clan which consists of : Jenna Madder, a preppy , all around , devious girl; Hana Rodriguez, a perky drama queen, fashion freak; Maggie, a sporty , honor roll, hairstylist, clean freak. The e-mail said:



Message: Are you not excited!!!

WE are gonna be the highlight of North Valley High!
Evry 1 is gonna try 2 get us to sign their yearbook. Lol

I won’t sign anybody’s unless it’s a hot dude.

-Jenna M. (:

Anna laughed to herself and responded to her friend. Then moved on to the next two. By the time she was in the middle of responding to the second e-mail, she was sound asleep.

As the sun shone through her window she awoke and realized that she had fallen asleep at her desk. She sat up and wiped the saliva from her mouth and onto her pajama pants. She got up and stretched. She sleepily strolled to the bathroom and brushed her teeth. After that it was like she was struck by lightning and was just reminded that that day started the first day of her Senior year. Anna , like a runway model, walked to her bathroom and showered hastily, wasting no time. She quickly created the outfit she was going to wear and set it out.
Immediately, she went over to her desk, wiped the mess she had left last night off the desk, and sat down. She quickly slipped on her headset over her knotted head. A screen popped up and appeared there was Jenna’s face.

“Hey, girl how are you?” Jenna says.

“I am amazing!”

“God, because I sent the request to video chat because I needed your opinion on my outfit.”, she said anxiously.

“Me too!”

Over the next fifteen minutes, Jenna and Anna collaborate with each other to decide what to wear. An hour after Anna is dressed, she receives a text from Jay saying:

Jay: We need to talk.
Anna: About?
Jay: Us.
Anna: When you say us @ the prom?! ?
Jay: Anna…
Anna: Or us @ Red Lobster hanging out?
Jay: Neither
Anna: Ok, I understand if you want to be less exposed we could do the Diner.
Jay: ANNA! When I say us, I mean WE are done okay?
Anna: What?! Can’t do this to me!!
Jay: Anna, u treat me like I’m some pet. Have you ever thought about how I feel? Huh? I thought not. Anna, u r the most mean and selfish person I know.
Anna: Fine, breakup with me. I don’t care!
Jay: I’m happy you agree. BYE!

Anna threw her phone in her book bag and marched down the stairs without realizing that she had tears falling from her eyes. She quickly wiped them before her mom saw. She walked into the kitchen opened the fridge and grabbed a protein shake. Anna’s mother witness and scolded Anna.

“Anna-Bear, you need to eat real food and not those 0 calorie shakes.”
“Mom, we have been at this for way too long. Number 1, Anna-Bear, you gave me that nickname when I was 6. Number 2, I told you I need to continue this diet before I go plus size. And you know what that means…When I go plus-size.
“Anna, you are the skinniest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.”
“Mom, that’s what you say.”
“Mom, I have to go, Okay?”
“Bye, Honey!”
“Bye, Mom.”

Anna walked out of the open door and went straight to her baby blue Ferrari. She slowly got in the driver’s seat, and stuck the key in the ignition. She backed out of the driveway and drove off.

She soon arrived at her castle. North Valley High School. As she spotted her reserved parking spot, she glanced to the rear-view mirror to see Jay walking with a bottle blonde girl with excellent style and simple accessories. Anna parked in her spot next to Jenna, Maggie, and Hana. She walked right over to her friends and gave them air hugs to make sure the didn’t mess up each other’s outfits.

“All of you, guess what?” Anna stated promptly.
“What?” Jenna said in a not caring voice.
“What happened girl?” Maggie said while cleaning the rear view mirror of her car for the fourth time.
“Please don’t tell me this has to do with that new girl and Jay.” Hana said with awe while looking over.
“Of course it does!” Anna said in a whiny voice.
“I’m gonna go dispose of that little boyfriend stealing…” Hana said marching over there in her high heeled stiletto boots.

“Excuse me, why are you with my BFFTIGSWETWGO’s boyfriend?” Hana snapped.
“I’m so-o-o sorry, I didn’t know I mean…” The new girl stuttered.
“Hana!” Jay butted in.
“We are done Hana!”, “Me and Anna are over! Didn’ t she tell you?!” He shouted.

Hana walked back to her friends and told the whole group that Jay had yelled at her and told her that Anna and him had broken up. Anna started to sob. Tears were streaming down her face like a water faucet. She quickly ran inside the school to clear her eyes.

Minutes later, the bell rings for the first period. Anna and her clan are still in the bathroom discussing if Anna’s make-up was still runny. As they reached their destination, Anna spotted the new girl and she was sitting in her seat. Anna walked up to her desk.

“What is your name?” Anna said in the most polite voice ever.
“I’m Maddie, short for Madison.”
“Maddie, or what ever your name is, GET OUT OF MY SEAT!”

Maddie scrambled as she fell out of the desk. Papers flew everywhere. As Anna walks around the desk over to Maddie. Anna pushes over her coffee to make it look like it was an accident. Then all every one heard was the loud screech of Maddie’s voice as the burning hot coffee ran down her back.

Moments later, the nurse comes in carrying a small first aid kit. The nurse asks everyone to leave the room. As they all do, the nurse busts open the door and runs Maddie down the hall in a stretcher. As she flies by, Anna get’s a glimpse of Maddie’s arm. The welt is red, and it bubbles, and it was as lon as a 12” ruler.

Day 2- Boyfriend Stealer

I can’t believe it! This random new girl just butt’s in and steals my boyfriend even before I could get back. Lookie here, Jay just sent me a text. Watch him beg for me back because the new girl is shallow and weird.

Luv, Anna B.

Jay: What the hell is your problem?!!!
Anna: What did I do?
Jay: Anna, stop playing dumb. U know what you did.
Anna: She was in my way…
Jay: Anna, why?
Anna: Why, what?
Jay: Why are you jealous?
Anna: JEALOUS!!!! Of that little s****?!
Jay: If anybody is the s****, it’s you. You love yourself way to much.
Anna: No, I just love myself more than she does.
Jay: ‘She’ has a name, and it is MAddie.
Anna: And why are you even talking about this to me anyways?
Jay: Because you burned her.
Anna: It was hot coffee, not hot oil.
Jay:The point is that you BURNED HER!!!
Anna: Tell her I’m sorry, and I’ll send her a gift basket or whatever.
Jay: We are done as friends as everything. I would never ever ever get back together with you. NEVER!!!

Anna stpooed texting Jay and sent a message to Hana.

Anna: HANA! ?
Hana: What?!
Anna: He called me a s****!
Hana: Oh, hell no!
Anna: I’ll send you the txts
Hana: kk
Anna: I sent it.
Hana: *Speechless
Anna: Well..
Hana: I’m going to get some of the girls wrestling team to beat that little rathole!
Anna: Lol.

Later that day, Anna and her clan were thinking of the most devious plans to try and ruin her life!


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