Mysterious Cat

May 3, 2011
By Abby Billingham BRONZE, Winter Park, Florida
Abby Billingham BRONZE, Winter Park, Florida
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I was watching a sunset from my dock, when I got so scared I jumped out of my socks. It was a black furry cat, petite, striped and fat. It's eyes were as yellow as a flashlights glow. Big long ears and whiskers too, and from it's mouth was dangling a shoe. My shoe. For a while I haven't seen it in sight, since that scary, spooky Halloween night! I was trick or treating with a group of friends, when the same black cat was pulling on my shoe, I was so scared I thought it was my end. So I gave it my shoe, for i didn't know what else to do. But that was the past, two years ago, and this is the present, and Halloweens tomorrow. For some strange reason this car gave me a chill, like it was hunting me down and i was it's kill. It's tail with no hair, like it was telling me beware. I started to walk away but it followed, it made a unique kind of sound, it bellowed. I started to run, and of course the black mysterious cat was not done. It had thought we had just begun. Finally i stopped out of breath, when the cat gave me the evil eye stare down of death. I screamed,"what do you want?!". Then the cat stepped into the light, then I realized it was my cat, it meant no fight. I felt so foolish, that i had thought my own little cat was ghoulish. He had sparkling eyes, that had resembled a thousand sky's. His pupils were surrounded by clouds of white, they made me ponder about day and not at all night.

The author's comments:
I wrote this for an assignment given in class.

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