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May 23, 2011
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I had gained enough energy to slowly turn my head toward the single window on the far south side of the room. I could tell evening was coming as there was a small ray of light trying so hard to peer it's way in through the curtains. I turned my head straight and looked out the door into, what seemed like, a never ending hallway. I felt myself staring down that hallway for quite a long time hoping to see my children walk into the room. A nurse came in instead. I glanced at her name tag and saw that it read, Mary. She took my blood pressure and started an IV into my right arm. I spoke slowly hoping Mary would understand my faint whisper, "How much longer?"

"No one knows right now, but I don't think your family wants you to worry about that, Marge."

All I could do was nod and crack a faint smile. My body had no more energy left inside of it. I knew that my time was coming soon and of course like any living human being, I feared the worst. I saw Mary leave the room with a clipboard in her hand. My eyes started to close and I felt myself drift into sleep. I awoke the next morning due to some pressure being applied to me left hand. I gradually opened my eyes to see my husband sitting in a chair beside me. He said some words that I found hard to understand.

"Marge, our life was well lived." He spoke as his eyes started to tear up. "There is not one day that I regret living with you by my side. You mean the world to me and I truly mean that honey."

I was crying on the inside, for my body was too weak to even shed a tear. I knew that every word he said, he meant from the bottom of his heart. I wanted him to keep going so I gained just enough energy to slightly squeeze his hand between my thumb and my pointer finger. He found that as a cue to continue on.

"We have had three beautiful children that are all grown up and they have all started a family with someone they love. We also have five grandkids who we love so much and although they are very young, they know so well that we love them all."

This time his tears were flowing more heavily right now. I wanted so badly to sit myself up and hug him as tightly as possible. That was impossible though. I had been in ICU for three days now and there was no way that I would ever have enough energy to sit up and hug my husband for the last time. I wished at that very moment that God would send down four angels to help me sit up and hug my husband. But it didn't happen.

Don let go of my hand to let my children who had just filed into the room say goodbye. Jan told me that she loved my smile and the way that I would laugh about anything and everything. Jennifer told me how much she appreciated my help throughout her lifetime and told me how much she didn't want to let go but that she knew she had to. Doug then said to me that he loved me with all of his heart and that he wanted so badly for me to be healed. They all kissed my head and hugged me goodbye. My children all left the room with tears running down their faces.

Don grabbed hold of my hand once again and focused on me with a look of acceptance on his face. I barley squeezed his hand once again and looked at him for the last time. I closed my eyes and instantly saw an illuminating light and felt a sense of peace.

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