May 12, 2011
I live in a world of darkness. I can not see the road in front of me, the sky, the cars, the trees, the people, the world. I smell the flowers outside my house and feel the cool breeze blowing my hair. I wish I could see, see the sky, see the trees, see the people. I dream that someday I could see the world for myself instead of imagining it in my mind. It is like an image I am trying to remember, but never comes to mind. I remain in this darkness for a long time, such a long time. Then, one day I feel the pieces of my memory coming back together. I am outside and I hear the birds chirping, smell the fragrance of flowers, and feel the light breeze. I open my eyes. I see a bright light, so blinding that it makes my eyes hurt, but I forced them open. For the first time I see something other than darkness or the images I imagine. I see a whole new world in front of me. I feel the tears well up in my eyes. Now, I know what it is like to see.

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