The Robbery Mystery

May 24, 2011
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It was a bright and cheery day—people were passing by, having a nice time, children smiling and laughing, the sun happily shining—it had truly, been quite a nice day for the mid-spring.

As usual, most people were heading towards the bank—the busiest place in town.
The reason why the bank had been so busy and crowded was because- it was the only bank the town had, for almost twenty years!

Though, the town was quite small, to have more than one bank, but pretty enjoyable to live in.

The bank was called, “Frank’s Bank.”

The owner of the bank, Jim Frank, was very friendly and a very kind gentleman—not like those other greedy bank owners, who had always cared for money and nothing else.

Unfortunately, the next night, Frank’s Bank had gotten robbed, and nobody had known about it, until the next morning.

When Frank came, he had gotten really freaked out; after all, ever since the bank had opened, it had never gotten robbed until, recently.

Frank was panicking, while not knowing what to do—he had immediately, called the police.

About five minutes later the police showed up, while bringing a detective with them in the name of, Paul Benson.

The police had asked a lot of questions to Frank, most were answered, although the rest of the questions were not—since nobody knew who the robber had been.

Benson, had interestedly, examined all of the ruins at the bank. Broken glass pieces, were covering all over the floor, broken cameras and computers, damaged safes (where the money had gotten stolen)—you name it.

But something really important had been found—fingerprints—all over the ruins.

After a couple of weeks, the mystery had gotten solved—from the help of DNA testing.

After the police and detective, had identified the robber, they then met him in person; the robber’s name, had been Andy Charles.
Surprisingly, Charles had been working at, Frank’s Bank, ever since the day it had opened—he then, had gotten laid-off, about six years ago.
The police had asked Charles, why he had robbed the bank, and how much he had stolen.
When Charles, was about to answer the questions—he seemed really nervous, and had stuttered a lot, while making it hard for him to speak clearly.
“I-I-I had robbed two million from the bank, because of my-my family; I was-was in need for a lot of-of mo-money.”
When the police had asked Charles, why he had robbed two million because of his family, Charles hesitated at first, but then answered.

“My-my son was getting married, and well, we needed some money to throw the-the wedding.”

The police seemed quite surprised—who ever needed that much money to throw a wedding?

“It wasn’t just for the wedding; my daughter’s graduation, was coming up and she also needed a car, to go to college.”

Moreover, Charles claimed that it was his, twin daughters’ sweet-sixteen birthday party, so he needed money to have the birthday party for them, too.

“Ella and Bella, my twin daughters’ sweet-sixteen, was coming up, so-so, we needed money to have the birthday party for them.”

Another reason, why Charles had stolen money, was because his mother-in-law was very ill.

My wife’s mother was-was, really sick, so my wife needs to go to Florida, to take-take care of her.”

Finally, the rest of the money, that Charles wanted to spend on, was to buy a house, for his whole family.

Currently, Charles was living in a small two bedroom apartment, down-town, with his whole family.

“I-I couldn’t live somewhere so-so small, anymore with my family, so I needed to-to buy a-a house, for them, for their future, for-for their own-own good.”

Eventually, Charles was guilty, for the crime that he had committed, so he needed to go to prison and regret, for what he had done.”

As soon as Charles went to prison, he had been disappointed, for what he had accomplished—so he had promised himself, that he would never, do such a thing—ever in his whole entire life…starting from now.

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