May 5, 2011
By D-chan BRONZE, Olathe, Kansas
D-chan BRONZE, Olathe, Kansas
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"I love when people underestimate because it gives me a chance to prove them wrong." -me

Sally didn’t see herself as beautiful. She really couldn’t; she hated her childlike body almost as much as she hated the man standing before her. Sean had been acting weird, well weirder than usual ever since he found out she was pregnant. Everyone knew she had been attacked by a crazed fan. Sean touched her long red hair feeling her tremble at his touch. He had asked her
after the performance to meet him behind Erick’s tent. Those who had been in the caravan for ten years or more were given their own tent. Sally herself was supposed to have one. After all, she had run away from home when she was seven years old. The ringleader Bell had taken pity on her and had raised her as her own. Sally had just turned eighteen a few months ago. Sally really didn’t mind sharing a tent with others; in fact, she rather enjoyed it. Everyone had gotten more protective of her since the attack. Sean gave a nervous tug on his sash.
“Sally-. I think you should get rid of the baby,” he said, running a hand through his hair and tugging out his hair tie. Sally stared at him as if he had just told her he killed her cat. When the shock wore off, her face became angry. ‘Who was he to tell her what to do!’
“Leave me alone,” Sally said, as calmly as she could, turning to walk away.
“No buts, it’s my body and I’ll do what I want!” She said walking away.
“Damn it!” Sean said under his breath. Sally stormed into the tent she shared with the newbie’s.
“Hey Sally!” the younger ones shouted the older ones acknowledged her with a quick nod. Sally gave a quick wave to everyone as she headed towards her makeshift bed. Throwing herself onto it, she gave a sleepily mumble.
“What was that?” Jack said coming up behind her.
“I said f*** my life!” Sally shouted raising her head a little bit off the bed.
“Hey, hey, keep your voice down there are children present.” Jack said dramatically failing his arms towards the children in the tent. Sally rolled her eyes at the flamboyant blonde.
“They already know all the cuss words I do and more.” Sally said crawling under her blankets.
“That doesn’t change the fact their children,” Mark said coming up beside Jack. Sally turned over in her bed so that she had her head on her pillow facing them. They were still wearing their costumes from the nights’ performance.
“Don’t you think you should change out of your costumes?” Sally asked yawning loudly.
“We will later.” Mark said shrugging his shoulders.
“You should get some sleep.” Jack said removing his jacket and putting on top of her blanket.
“Whatever.” She said closing her eyes and going into a deep sleep. Morning came way too early for Sally’s liking. Moaning she turned over in her bed so the sun wouldn’t hit her face. The rule was when the sun came up all tents had to have their flaps open.
“Time to get up lazy head!” She heard Tim one of the older ones sharing the tent say. She mumbled incoherently.
“What was that I couldn’t hear you?” He said teasingly moving closer.
“I said get out!”
“Fine, I’ll just go get Erick.”
“You do that.” She mumbled going back to sleep. Several minutes later and the said snake charmer was in the tent with her.
“Hey, you shouldn’t sleep the day a way Red.” Said red head moaned covering her head with the blanket.
“Don’t call me that.” She mumbled. Suddenly the blankets were torn away from her. She shivered rolling herself up into a ball. Erick rolled his eyes at her childishness.
“If you don’t get up right now I’ll tickle you.”
“You wouldn’t dare.”
“Try me.” Sally knew Erick well but the one thing everyone knew about him was he always did what he said- always. Stretching out she rolled out of her bed. Landing squarely on her feet as she glared at him. He gave her his lazy grin the one that he knew would make her do anything. Her anger immediately faded away.
“What’s my position today anyway?” She asked yawning. There had never been enough people to fill all the performance positions so they each had a different performance every day.
“I think today you’re a fire gypsy.”His face turned sour as he said the words. Sally grimaced.
“I hate being a gypsy. The only ones who watch me are the perverts.”
“Well I’m not sure. Bell might have changed it because you’re starting to show.” He shrugged.
“True my belly is finally getting bigger.” Just then Sean walked in with his little ferret Salt in his shoulder.
“Oh! Hey your awake ummm I’ll just be going then.” Sean said hurriedly leaving the tent as fast as he could.
“He’s always so weird around you.” Erick said staring at the open tent flap. Little did both of them know Sean was standing on the side of the tent. Listening to them talk about well- anything. He liked hearing Sally’s voice when she wasn’t annoyed or angry, which every time he tried to talk to her she was already annoyed or angry. He couldn’t help the fact the more he cared about her the more annoyed she got at him. He really cared about her even more than he cared about himself. He cried for her, he fought for her, and he would die for her. Hearting footsteps coming out of the tent he quickly froze.
“What are you doing out here?” Sean turned his head green meet brown as both Sean and Erick stared at each other.
“Ummm-I’m just looking for salt.” He said blush covering his cheeks as he crawled on the dirt.
“Ok-” Erick said raising an eyebrow. Sean’s blush spread over his face. Getting up off the dirt he ran off in any random direction. Erick stared at his retreating figure.
“What’s going on Erick?” sally asked coming out of the tent.
“Nothing.” He said turning toward her slowly. “We should go get ready.”
“Yeah-.” Sally said walking off to the costumes tent with Erick. Looking back over her shoulder she saw no one there. After reaching the tent Erick turned away to give Sally some privacy so she would feel better about changing. After both were ready they head off to the performance tent.
“Ladies and gentlemen! Boys and girls of all ages! I welcome you to the world’s most extraordinary circus!” Bell shouted from the center platform on the circular stage. “Our first act of the day is the dancing firebird!” Right on cue Sally came dancing out of the back entrance from the tent. Spinning two fire sticks lit on both ends around her head. Stepping onto the platform as two fires appeared on both sides of her. As the fires cleared away the forms of Mark and Jack appeared. Each of them lighting two hoops on fire. Mark threw the one in his left hand over Sally’s head. Then Jack did the same. The crowd ‘ooh’ ed and ‘ahh’ ed as she spun the fire lit hula hoops around her hips. Blinking her eyes twice she sent the sign and soon she had four lit hula hoops instead of two. Shifting her hips slightly, sending the last signal for her performance. Her body exploded into a fire. The audience gasped.
“Up here!” Sally shouted the audience looked up to see her sitting with her feet hanging over the edge of the high jump platform. Bell appeared in the center again from a puff of smoke.
“Give a round of applause for the amazing firebird!” The crowd roared with applause as Sally took a bow. “Our next act is-”was the last thing Sally heard as she exited the tent. Removing the hair pieces from herself. She made her way back to the costume tent. Opening the flap her face turned bright red. Sally stared at Sean’s naked torso. She had walked in on him changing from his costume. The two stared at each other both with bright red faces. ‘At least he has pants on.’ Sally thought to herself Sean turned away after realizing he was staring.
“Umm-I’m sorry for coming in on you-” Salt, Sean’s ferret ran beneath her feet. Sally who wasn’t paying attention to her feet jumped. Straight into Sean’s arms. Sean’s face turned an even deeper red. When Sally realized what she had done she got down and out of Sean’s arms. “Sorry.”
“It’s ok. I don’t mind if it’s you.” Sally turned ready to slap him. Only to have her hand caught by him. “Saw that coming.”
“Why did you say something so stupid?”
“Why do you hate yourself?” He countered.
“I don’t-”
“Don’t lie. Every time someone tries to care for you, you turn away from them. It’s almost like you like the pain.”
“I don’t I just like being alone!”
“Bulls***.” Sally flinched away from Sean this was the first time she had ever seen him like this. “Sally I care about you more than you think. In fact I think I love you Sally.” Sally’s eyes widened she stared at with a saddened expression. The blush that had disappeared before

was coming back stronger on her face. “Sally I know you hate me a lot. That’s why I didn’t tell you before-. But I can’t hold it in anymore.”
“Sean, I’m-.”
“No don’t say anything I already know how you feel.” Sally rolled her eyes as he let go of her arm. As soon as he released her. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him full on the lips. When she moved back again Sean had a look of pleasant surprise. Shaking his head to snap himself out of his daze. “Why?”
“Because I love to prove others wrong.” She said with a smirk. “And if that’s how you really feel. Then I would be willing to try and make things work between us.” Sean’s face turned completely red.
“What?” He stuttered out. She grabbed his hands holding them in both of hers.
“Maybe I don’t hate you as much as you think. And maybe you can help start to like myself a little better.”
“Maybe-.” He whispered as he locked his lips with hers. Neither noticed that Erick had watched the whole thing.
“Whatever-” He whispered to himself. The next day no one could find Erick anywhere. A couple weeks later Erick came back a totally different person. In place of his happy and outspoken person stood a cold and calculating persona. Everything seemed normal expect his attitude. He and Sally still hung out together. IT was almost like he never left. “Hey Sally.” Erick said sliding up beside her as she ate her second lunch.
“Heyf psmefisck.” Sally said her mouth full of food. Erick smiled slightly.
“Swallow first dork.” Sally glared at him.
“I said Hey Erick. Why doesn’t anyone understand when I try and say s***?” Erick stared at her belly.
“It’s almost time huh?”
“Yeah...thanks to both you and Sean. Being pregnant has been relatively easy.”
“I see.”
“Yeah I can’t wait to see the baby when it is born.” Erick turned his head up and stared out into the distance.
“So have a name for it yet?”
“Well I have two either Will or Jenny depending on whether it’s a boy or girl.”
“Ah.” They sat in a comfortable silence together for a long time before Erick spoke again. “So how have you and Sean been doing lately?” He couldn’t help but feel upset when he saw her cheeks turn red.
“It’s going good. It’s funny though you know I always thought I’d end up with you but it turns out that that wasn’t the case huh?”
“I mean I used to love you and I thought it was destined for us to be together-“
“They why did you guy start going out?” He asked glaring at nothing in general.
“I don’t really know I guess everything just feel into place.”
“I see. Well I’m going to go take a nap the performance today was really hard on my back.”
“Have a good nap!” Sally said waving to him as he walked off.
When Erick got far enough away to where sally could no longer see him. He changed courses heading towards the changing tent instead. ‘How dare Sean betray me like that! We will see how long he lives to regret it.’ Erick thought to himself with a smirk. Peering inside to see that Sean was still inside but looking at something in his hand instead of changing.
“Salt today is the day. I bought a ring and I’ve finally have the courage worked up to ask Sally to marry me.”
‘Not if I have anything to say about it.’ Erick thought with an evil grin. Pulling out a pack of matches from his pocket. He lit one and tossed it onto the non-flame proof tent. ‘See if you marry her now.’
“Salt do you smell something funny?” Sean said sniffing the air. “Motherf*****!” He shouted when he saw the flames. Soon the whole caravan was running towards the flames no one noticed that Erick was slinking away.
“Hey Sally!” Erick shouted running towards where she was sleeping.
“What?!?” she shouted jumping up.
“We have to get out of here now!”
“Sean set some tents on fire!” Sally looked at him in shock her eyes as wide as saucers.
“What?” She gasped out grabbing his hand. “Erick! We both know Sean wouldn’t do that. We have to tell everyone it wasn’t him!”
“Sally get over it Sean is a bad guy!”
“I refuse to believe that! Erick what is wrong with you your being an a**!”Erick girt his teeth.
“I really didn’t want to do this.”
“Do wha-“Sally didn’t get to finish her sentence as Erick knocked her out.
When sally woke she immediately looked around not recognizing her surroundings. Then realizing that she had a blind fold on. ‘Well how can this day get any worse.’ She thought sarcastically. Tugging her hands she soon realized both her hands and feet were bound in an awkward position.
“Are they too tight?” She heard Erick say from some distance away to the right of her.
“Erick! The hell is going on!?” She shouted loudly not seeing him flinch at her volume. “Where are we?”
“On a train.” Sally felt the urge to slap him for the vague answer he gave then again this was Erick.
“And where are we going?”
“Why?” she said getting angry and angry.
“Were running away.”
“You mean you are.”
“No we.” Sally was quiet for a long time. Erick felt comfortable with the silence and was about to fall asleep until Sally spoke again.
“So why did you kid nap me? And don’t give me a bulls*** answer either I want details Erick.” Sally felt the blindfold being removed from her face.
“Because you deserve so much better than wha that dinky little circus can offer you.” Sally glared now seeing for the first time in hours. A quick glance around the room and she identified that in fact she was in a train.
“Well that ‘dinky little circus’ is something that we both belong to.”
“Not anymore.”
“I thought you enjoyed working with everyone.”
“I do”
“Then why-“
“Because I can’t stand you two being together.” Erick balled his fist as he said this. Sally stared at his cold face.
“You mean Sean.”

“Yeah” sally wasn’t sure what to say. Her best friend was in love with her and was forcing her to run away with him.
“I can’t go with you Erick I care about you a lot. But I love Sean.”
“I see. And there’s no changing your mind.”
“Probably not.”
“alright.” Erick undid the ropes binding her hands and feet.
“Your letting me go.”
“For the most part. Head south in a couple of miles you’ll reach the caravan.” He said tossing her off the train. Sally rolled on the grass. Getting up she yelled.
“You motherf***** d***-weed a**hole!!” Sally got up dusting herself off and headed south as following Erick’s instructions. After several miles she came across a man driving a pick up.
“You need a ride?”
“Hell yes I do!” She shouted hoping into his car.
“Where you going to?”
“South.” after hours of talking with the man in the truck who Sally had found out his name was Billy. They reached their destination.
“Here you go little miss.”
“Thanks Billy!” Sally said waving him bye as he drove off. She walked for thirty more minutes then she was close enough to the caravan to see Sean running towards her.
“Sally! Sally! Sally is that you!?” She rolled her eyes at him of course it was her. She soon found herself engulfed in a hug. “Thank god it is you!” Sean shouted hugging her tightly to him.
“Hey s*** face I can’t breathe.” She said in between gasps of breath.
“Sorry sorry, I’m just so glad your back!” Sally sighed at him
“Let’s go home k I’m really tired.”
Four months later-
“Push! Come on miss push harder!
“I’m pushing as hard as I f***ing can you stupid f***ing f**got!!”
“Now Sally honey-please don’t cuss out the doctor.” Sean said holding onto Sally’s hand. As she tried pushing the baby out of her.
“Ok miss just one last push and she’s out!” The doctor shouted to Sally. She gave one last long push and screamed. The doctor picked up the newborn. “Congratulations miss it’s a girl!”
“Sir would you like to cut the cord?” A nurse asked coming up to Sean.
“Yes!” He shouted excitedly grabbing the cutters from the nurse. After the cord was cut the nurse took the baby to have it cleaned.
“Bring me my f***ing baby!!” Sally shouted her voice hoarse from all the yelling. The nurse quickly wrapped the baby in a pink blanket. Then the nurse gave the baby to Sally. Sally look at the infant with tears in her eyes. “Your name will be Jenny.”

The author's comments:
It's sort of messed up i don't much like this story anymore compared to my others.It's Fiction because i doubt this is what they are really like. also in the story they are short handed so everyone has to pick a different job out of a hat everyday that the circus is open.

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