Yulliam Ross Vandersmeer

May 12, 2011
By Anonymous

She sat in the classroom, looking puzzled about learning such hard things, hoping it would be easier than it looks, but knowing that it would be a tough concept to learn. She wished she could be as smart as all of the other children. Raychell was the smartest girl in the school.

One day, Yulliam decided she could get the courage to ask Raychell to help her learn the alphabet. Raychell replied, “You wouldn't be able to learn your letters if you tried!”

Yulliam frowned, “You meanie! You hurt my feelings!” she shouted as she ran away, crying in the corner, hating numbers, and feeling upset about Raychell. She always goes to the corner to cry. She had that I'm-so-little-and-helpless look on her face. Just as Yulliam was wiping away tears and pouting in the corner, a new student came in.

The new student's name was Hoho. Hoho was also super smart. She was even smarter than Raychell. She was also MUCH nicer. Hoho was a kind, generous, and inspiring little kindergartener.
She was hilarious and she was always willing to help others around her. It was three weeks after Hoho moved to Mawattan Kindergarten in Kazamaloo, Migichan. Yulliam felt that maybe she could ask her to teach her the alphabet that Friday. But before she could ask her, Hoho came to talk to Yulliam.

“Hi, Yulliam.” Hoho said. “I heard you and Raychell talking before. What she said wasn't nice. Can I help you learn the alphabet?”

“Yes! Thank you, Hoho

“Well, I know them all but I just don't know the order.” Yulliam Ross replied.

“Never underestimate your abilities or capability to learn, Yulliam. Once you learn the majestic ways of the alphabet you will never be the same again. They make reading and writing much easier. It helps you sound out the words. You will be even cooler than Raychell!” exclaimed Hoho.

“Thanks, Hoho. You're a true friend.” Yulliam thanked Hoho.

Raychell sat there in bewilderment as Hoho talked to Yulliam, why would Hoho ever talk to Yulliam? I'm a lot cooler than her, I'm a lot smarter than her, and I'm just a lot better than her in general!

Raychell suddenly had an epiphany and realized being mean to them wasn't going to make her smarter, cooler, or nicer than them. She decided to go tell them she wanted to be friends.

As Raychell was just approaching them, they both turned their backs from her and walked away. Well that's not nice! Raychell thought to herself, Now they hurt my feelings... gosh. Well now who am I supposed to talk to? As she sat there in shock as they gave her the cold shoulder, Hoho and Yulliam were going over the letters in the alphabet.

“You are getting really good at this, Yulliam!” Hoho exclaimed.

“Thanks, Hoho. You're a really good teacher!” Yulliam replied with and excited new confidence.

“You're welcome. You learn fast.”

That week ended well for Hoho and Yulliam. By the time they left for the weekend, they were reciting their letters, spelling out words, and reading small children's books. They were as happy as clams!

The teachers were so happy for Hoho and Yulliam that they gave them each a gold star! They were super proud of themselves.

But as well as that week was for those two, it wasn't so great for Raychell. Raychell was just figuring out the thing with friendship: you have to be nice to others to get niceness back. And they left her, sitting in the classroom, looking puzzled about learning such a hard thing, hoping it would be easier than it looks, but knowing that it would be a tough concept to learn.

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