Tales of a broken heart

May 14, 2011
I was 13 when my life was perfect. I was pretty, had good grades, and the love of my life. Austin. When I got into 9th grade tho, everything I had ever believed in when right down the drain.
I was only 15 when, the one person I could trust, starting abusing me. First it was verbal. Calling me names like b****, sl**, s****, and w****. Then after I refused to sleep with him it became physical. I should of left him then before it blew out of portion. But I was stupid.
One night we were at my friend Drew's house for a house party while his parents were away. Me, Austin, Drew, and his girlfriend Erica were in the basement getting more drinks for the party up stairs. I grabbed a glass cup from a table to take up stairs. It slipped from my hands and shattered on the floor. Drew and Erica started laughing, but Austin's face grew red with anger.
"Tracy! Why'd you do that!" He said with terrible anger in his voice.
Drew must of herd the anger in his voice, considering he reacted quickly to the tone. I had only ever told Drew about Austin beating me. Drew was the only person I could rely on now.
"Austin Dude its ok. It was an accident." He said calm laying a hand on Austin's shoulder, then bending down to pick up the glass.
Austin caught him and pulled him back up.
"No don't do that. Tracy will get it considering she dropped it." He said eyeing me.
I hesitated then knelt down to pick up the glass. The glass cut my fingers but I didn't show any reaction to it. Erica led on-edge Drew into the other room in the basement to get something.
Austin was still staring at me. Out of no where he pulled me by my hair, jerking my head up, and kneed my in the face. I screamed in pain which made him slap me. Drew ran out with frightened eyes.
My nose was bleeding and my face had begun to swell.
"What the hell Austin!!!" Drew said picking Austin up by the shirt.
"She deserved it." Austin said chucking.
Drew's face grew red and he punched Austin square in the face. I was on the ground crying as Erica tried to stop the running blood. Drew was yelling and you could see people staring down the stairs.
"Look what you did to her! She's crying. And Bleeding." Drew yelled empathising the word bleeding, "how could you do this to her!?!" Drew screamed as tears started to flow from his eyes.
Austin whipped the blood from his nose and laughed "she deserved it."
You can porobley guess what happened after that.
I still didn't end it with Austin, but I had taken the path of cheating. I was in a relationship with Drew, while trying to figure out how to end it with Austin.
Drew treated me how I deserved to be treated. We went on long night walks. Ate lunch together everyday. He told me he loved me and would never hurt me as much as he could.
Every thing was perfect until my monthly check up. Austin drove me to the hospital. I was surprised when he didn't speed off after I got out of the car. He took my hand and we walked into the building. I checked in and got my tests done. We waited for a minute in silence until Dr. Miles came and sat by me.
"Umm. Tracy. Your two months pregnant." She said.
The color dropped from my face and Austin's jaw dropped. Then it tightened and his face angered. He knew. All that time I spent with Drew while constantly refusing to have sex with Austin. I knew it had to be Drew's baby, and I burst into tears. Austin put his head in his hands.
"I know its hard for teen parents but you two will get through this." Dr. Miles said.
Austin swung his head up.
"Two! Oh no no no no!! Me and he never even had sex!!! The little b**** cheated on me!" He yelled. His voice echoed through the hallway.
He stood up and slapped me in front of anyone who was watching. A few people came out of rooms and pulled him away from me. He yelled and screamed names at me asking who'd I f***ed. I stayed quite. Then security took him away.
An hour later I met Drew at his house. He smiled at me and let me in.
"so how was the check up?" he asked as we both settled into the couch.
"Well you'll be glad to know I'm breaking up with Austin tomorrow and getting a restraining order." I smiled.
Drew's eyes lit up and he hugged me. I pushed him gently back and stared into his eyes.
"And your gonna be a dad." I said tears streaming down my face.
His eyes widened then he smiled. He hugged me and told me everything was gonna be all right and He loved me.

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