May 13, 2011
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Riding her bike, Julia and her mom were enjoying the fresh summer air in their neighborhood, Springwood Hills, a big place with lots of houses and friendly people. Julia peddling and her mom walking at her side, they made their way down the street. As they moved along, they saw their neighbors outside with their kids. Julia, the little four-year old had brown bouncy curls that hit her shoulders, and almond eyes, she was only about four feet tall and her skin was tanned from the summer sun. She asked her mom if it was okay if she said hello to the kids, while her mom was talking with their mothers introducing themselves to one and other, the kids all just stood in silence. The kids were two boys from different families. The first one’s name was Brad. He had brown hair that went in a flow like formation all to one side also he had blue eyes and was skinny. The other one was Garry. He had short brown h air that hung just above his ears. He was quite a bit bigger than Brad. Being as outgoing as she was and knowing her mom said it was okay,
Julia said, “Hi I’m Julia.”
Brad replied, “Hi I’m Brad.”
But Garry on the other hand was ramming his bike tire into Julia’s bike like a bull. Julia was thinking, “What is this kids problem?” All of a sudden, Brad being tough, mean and aggressive rammed Garry right off his bike and onto the ground. Garry stood up with his I-know-I-deserved-that face. We looked at Garry. We laughed. We knew we were friends from that moment on. Years passed, Garry, Julia and Brad, now teenagers, were still were good friends. They would get together almost everyday. One day Garry went over to Brad’s door. As Garry rang the doorbell, Bra d was sprinting to the door because he had spied him coming. Not long after, Julia also arrived at the door. When she came in the door Bella, Brad’s friendly boxer with floppy ears and short hair, jumped up on her. Brad and Garry, sad eyed and gloomy, looked at Julia who was thinking, “What’s going on?”
Brad said, “I’m moving.”
All of a sudden everything went dead silent.
“To Grand Rapids” Brad added. Julia and Garry stood in silence.
“When are you leaving?” asked Julia?
“In two days said Brad.” With that we all carried out our day feeling glum. The next morning they all got together and tried to made the best of there last day they had together. On the day of the move, Julia Garry and Brad all said their very last goodbyes.
Brad said, “I’ll come and visit soon.”
Julia and Garry replied, “Okay see you then.”
As the moving truck drove away and Brad’s family followed behind in their car, Garry and Julia waved. Riding her bike, Garry on her side, Julia and him enjoyed the fresh summer air of Springwood Hills, a big place with lots of houses and friendly people.

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