May 13, 2011
By , Mattawan, MI
Why am I still here? I thought thought quietly to myself. I need to find a way to get out of here. I need to find a way to get away from all the noises in the house, away from the terror of my nightmares, away from what makes me cry at night, and away from here. This is how it's been for the past 4 years of my life. Trapped in my room. No school, no friends, no happiness. Just me and my collection of books I get to read over and over again. I have no toys to play with because lets say, my mom is not a people person, she hardly even leaves the house. Which practically leaves our lives to my sister Sophie.

Sophie is my twin sister; with her long golden brown hair streaked blonde from the sun. Her timid eyes a dark brown, they complement her light tan skin like peanut butter and jelly! I on the other hand I am about as pale as a vampire, with dark brown hair, and dark brown eyes. My sister was always looking out for me. Like my mother never had. Since my sister and I shared a room, sometimes when my mom forgot to feed us we'd have to sneak out to the fridge and quietly eat. However sometimes she'd be asleep on the couch and if we woke her she would beat Sophie. She towered over me taking in all the slaps and pain coming from our mom.

Then one day Sophie turned eight teen and moved out, to go to collage. Ever since six-teen she's been trying to get away from us; me and my mom. When she finally did she didn't call us anymore. She didn't want to talk to us any more. She didn't care anymore. Then one day my mom left me, at our old yellow house. All alone, even though I was four-teen then. In two years I would be able to live on my own with nobody questioning me. But it was to late, our neighbors came over just to see how we were doing. They walked right in to find me lounged on the couch, moldy old tee shirts hanging on a clothes line, and dried out crumpled bread from weeks before molded on the hard wood floor. They took me out of my house, and to a adoption house where gradually my older sister had to come get me so I could go and live with her. We arrived at her house around two p.m and her house looked like something out of a magazine. It was two stories tall and a light yellow color, with white window sills. As we walked inside she practically forced me to talk to her. She quietly slumped over to her brand new La-z-boy couch. She motioned me over to her so I hesitantly slipped off my shoes. For the fear of getting water on her cream colored shag rug. I slowly dragged my self over to her; and flopped myself onto the couch as far away from her as possible. She told me that my old neighbors told her that I was living in terrible conditions. No running water, no fresh food, moldy clothes... and she didn't sound happy. But as I lived with her for a while I started to have a great time. We talked more like we used to, she got me into a new school, and I met some really nice people, nothing like my old friends. They were nice, and very helpful with showing me around school.

Wind flowed past the trees, blowing everything back and forth. I quickly ran out to Sophie's car so she could drive me to my new school. As I walked into my first hour all eyes were on me. The geeky new girl; no one would ever want to hang out with me during their high school year, I might ruin their reputation. As I glanced around the room, my eyes pranced on a cute boy in a sport jacket. I was thinking that he was the star football player, the one who the whole school had a crush on; but me? Why would he ever choose me? It's my second day here and I already have a crush on the star of the school. He looked up and flashed me a smile; my cheeks flushed bright red as I fast walked to my seat. I made it through that hour, with the occasional glance over to his sparkling blue eyes. Later that day I saw him in the hallway; I dropped my head into my book, and accidentally ran into him. Our books scattered across the floor. As I quickly dropped to the floor to try to pick up my books before he talked to me. However I was to late; he crouched down next to me and told me he was sorry. We both reached down for my book when our hands touched; we both jerked away almost instantly.

That was when I thought my life was getting a little bit better.

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