An Almost First Date

May 12, 2011
By Stephanka BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
Stephanka BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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“Delilah, a little bird told me you weren’t doing anything tonight. I was wondering if you’d like to see a movie with me”, Sean said.

I wanted badly to accept his offer but I knew my strict mother would never let me go. She was crazy as a loon and insisted that I practice my math homework for hours every night rather than have fun.
I looked at him, and envied how much freedom he had. I wanted to just leave, and fly away from my oppressive parents who just wanted me to sit at home and do homework. In a split second decision I decided to accept his offer. He was cute! And I never got to go on dates like the other kids in my grade.

“I’d love to go to the movies with you.”

So, I slipped on my light fall coat and headed out, without leaving a note, or calling my parents to tell them I was leaving the house. I was free as a bird. Like a bat out of hell I power walked down the cobblestone path which leads up to my front door.

“Do you know what movie you’d like to see?”
“Um, I’m really not sure what’s out right now.”

I know I probably sounded like some bird brain, but it was rare that I got to go to a movie that wasn’t playing at the science museum. We arrived at the movie theater and I saw from a distance some of my classmates heading into the theater as well. I felt like a duck out of water since they were all so natural at this. But luckily Sean was the nicest boy I’d ever met and didn’t make me feel uncomfortable for one minute.

Just as we were walking up to the ticket counter, my phone began to buzz. The caller id read “Home”. I was a dead duck. But even though I knew I would definitely be yelled at, and grounded, my adventure was worth it.

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