Marlee Steps Up

May 12, 2011
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Marlee is a 19-year-old singer who wants to step out from her comfort zone.

Marlee had loved singing for so long. She really wanted to be on stage performing for people, but she was just too scared! Her mom and everyone kept telling her how she needed to just get out there and look for opportunities. Her mom would especially tell her to join in with the church band. Marlee would always just try to find excuses why she couldn't do it though. She'd say how she wouldn't have enough time, the singers were mostly all elders...and the list could go on and on.

One day, Marlee finally decided she'd had enough of procrastinating, no matter how fearful she was of what would happen. She asked the band leader about joining, and with her voice, it wasn't hard for him to say yes.

A few weeks had gone by, and Marlee had been hard at work practicing when she could with the church band. The day was quickly approaching when she would actually be on stage in front of so many people! Marlee knew she would be so nervous and fearful about everything, but she felt that the outcome and experience gained would be well worth it.

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