May 23, 2011
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I remember I was having a regular, normal day, the day before. I slept in for a short period of time, so i missed two classes. When I got to school I said hi to people I saw, but never had a conversation. It was just a quick hello and good-bye. I sat at home while eating some Kraft dinner for lunch and watching a re-run of family guy. After that, I walked back to school while reading a new book to my favorite series. I sat in a classroom for two hours talking to the person beside me for a total of 10 minutes. “Did you get the same answer as me? Hey, I don't really understand how we're supposed to do this, can you explain it to me please?” That was our conversation. To be honest, I didn't really know her and I doubt she knew my name. The final bell rang and I quickly walked to the bus, leaving my homework to do tomorrow. It was no biggy anyways. I usually skipped my classes now and I'd definitely have time to complete it tomorrow.

I sat on the bus, staring out the windows. I think I recall someone shouting at me to stop being so weird. Or was that another time? I really don't remember. I do remember however, getting this queasy feeling as I looked up at the clouds. I started taking landscape pictures a few weeks ago because of how different they looked everyday. It scared me sometimes to see how the colour and shape changed every single day. Every day different and never the same. I took a picture of a big fluffy cloud , shaped as a tree that was a dark blue, maybe grey. I replaced the screen saver on my phone from my mom and I, to that really awkward looking cloud, that made me queasy.
As I got off the bus my friend Lucas came up beside me and we started to talk. I wasn't really sure if we were actually friends though. I remember being close to him at one point, but that was a while ago. I was close to a lot of people a few months ago in fact. I don't really know what happened. One minute everything was amazing as could be. The next was terrible. One by one, I started to lose my friends until I had none. I was reduced to reading novels which I have to admit, I really did enjoy. We talked about how he had a really bad day at school, because he couldn't get a smoke from anyone. When I got to my house, he gave me a quick hug and left. I went inside and quickly got into my pj’s. I pulled out that book and started to read.

I was almost finished when my mom called me for dinner. We don't usually eat together but my mom insisted we do that night. She looked kinda worried but I figured it was nothing. I sat there and ate with my little sister trying to make me mad, my older sister asking me not very intelligent questions, my mom telling my sister to stop picking on me and, my step dad saying “sucks” right after someones name was said. Dinner took longer than I expected so I decided to finish my book tomorrow. I quickly went to shower, while hearing me family laugh in the kitchen. When I was done I got my clothes ready for tomorrow. I texted my Nana to remind her we're coming this weekend and that I love her lots. My dad send me a few texts but, I was to tired to answer. I'd answer them tomorrow. I sent one more text, to my ex, trying to get his attention because lets face it, I'm not over him yet. When I got no reply, I got into bed with my 4 year old dog at my feet, and slept.

I woke up the next morning to the sound of sirens going off all around me. I heard people screaming and my name being called. I put on my bathrobe and slippers then ran to see what was happening. My family was now all in the living room hugging onto each other. They yelled for me to get over to them as fast as I could and I did. We looked out the window to see black billowing clouds in sky, and people running around frantically. I felt my mom hold me tighter as the ground beneath us shook ferociously. I looked at my little sister with silent tears, streaming down her face. The look in her eyes pleaded for everything to be okay.

The ground shook even more now, throwing us all off balance and causing the road to split. I could smell fire and see more people running around terrified. I screamed at my mom asking what to do. For the first time in her life, she did not know. She got us all to calm down for a few seconds and look at her. Her face looked calm and that everything was going to be okay, but her eyes and shaking told a different story. She looked at each of us, each time saying “I love you so very much. Don't you ever forget that. I'd do anything for you and no matter what happens, we will be together” and giving us each a kiss. I told them all I love them too, as the roof of the house started to collapse. I heard a yelp in the other room as tears started to stream down my face, just now remembering about my dog still in my room. I had to go get her and I started to run.

My mom tried to stop me but I kept going. She followed me into my room to see a paw sticking out of the collapsed roof. Now I was sobbing and my vision was starting to blur from the tears. She pulled me back to the living room with everyone, jumping over fallen bricks and trying to keep our balance as we ran. Right when we got to the living room I fell right when the part of the roof above me gave way. My mom noticed it just in time and she pushed me, being crushed under the pile of rubble as a result.

I screamed as my family ran over to me. My mom wasn't lieing to me when she told me she'd do anything for me. I realized that I took that and my entire life for granted. “tomorrow” I always said. Tomorrow I'd complete my homework, that was now probably burned to pieces at my school. Tomorrow I'd finish that book I’ve been waiting to read for months, that was now beside my dead dog and trashed room. Tomorrow I’d text my dad back just to respond to him saying ``l love you.`` Tomorrow. I don’t have tomorrow. I spent my last day doing completely pointless, regular stuff and expecting to see tomorrow. I realized just a little too late, that every day we have is a privilege and can be taken away just like that.

I got to my knees and grabbed my mothers limp hand. My sisters and step dad sat beside me, and held each others hand. We knew we weren’t going to make it and we wanted to spend our last breathing second together. With my step dad who I’d grown to know well over the years who was stubborn, and sometimes bitter but, always showed he loved us and became apart of our family. With my big sister who used to hit me over the head with a phone when we were kids, who gave me my very first hair cut, who was with me when I first got my period, talked to me about boys, and loved me very much, even though we fought worse than I have with anyone else. With my little sister who used to follow me around, who I’d stick up for and be there for no matter what, who called me names at the dinner table, who I loved so very much as she loved me the same. With my mom who gave her life up to try to save me, gave me a birthday party every year, spent every last penny on us for a good life, punished me when I did wrong, taught me so much and, loved me unconditionally. This was who I wanted to be with and where I wanted to be the day that I died. Because you know what, they are my family and I know wherever I go after this, they’ll be there. I know that they loved me as much as they could love anyone and nothing could ever change that, even if I’m no longer breathing or on this planet.

As the rest of the house collapsed around us, we said ``I love you`` one last time.

The author's comments:
I was watching the news one day and I realized how bad the weather has been getting. It got me to thinking about 2012 and what I'm supposed to do when the time comes. After worrying about this for a while, I realized I just want to be with my family when it happens.

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