Lost and Found

May 23, 2011
By Emily Kurtz BRONZE, San Diego, California
Emily Kurtz BRONZE, San Diego, California
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Janie stared out the window as the sights flew past her eyes. Her parent’s music hummed softly in the front seat and her younger brothers game boy beeped sporadically in the seat next to her. It had been a long ride from Albany but the similar setting of Brooklyn gave her a warm nostalgic comfort that soothed the uneasy feeling she was developing from the smell of fast food and gasoline. Janie sat wedged between her younger sister and brother both whom she loved and admired very much. A blanket of excitement covered the family minivan as it pulled into the garage of the beachfront property they had stayed at so many times before. Janie’s heart skipped as they reached her summer home, the safe heaven she had stayed at so many times before.

“I call upstairs.” Janie’s younger brother Andrew screeched as he slid the door open before the car was even shut off.

“No way Drew it’s my turn this year”. Abigail yelled as she stumbled out of the car to catch up to her brother. Janie admired the young and vivacious spirit that her siblings possessed and smiled as she watched them compete with each other innocently.
“They couldn’t even wait one second before fighting. Typical. Janie can you help me with the bags so we can get settled in” Janie’s mom sighed as she got out of the car. Although bickering got on her nerves Janie’s mom adored her children and would have given the world to keep them safe.
“Yeah for sure mom. Thanks for driving dad this should be a fun trip.” Janie smiled at her parents and helped take the five bags into the house. The annual family trip to Coney Island was always the highlight of Janie’s summer. She loved to spend time with her family and get away from the stressful and tedious life back in Albany.
“I think I’m going to take a nap before we go out tonight, wake me up when were ready to leave.” Janie grumbled as she walked into the house. The house had a salty smell, which naturally occurred from being so close to the ocean; it also had a twinge of laundry detergent that was pleasant and relaxing and always comforted Janie when she returned to the beach house. Janie crawled into the same bed she had slept in for the last 10 summers and let her worries and stress melts into the soft warm blankets.
“Janie, Janie, Janie were leaving wake up, wake up, wake up!” Abigail jumped up and down on the bed excited to visit the world famous amusement park Coney Island. Abigail was thirteen and idolized Janie in everyway. Not only did her long brown hair and striking green eyes mirror Janie but also her impressive clothing style and bubbly personality replicated her older sister in everyway. The two sisters were close and Abigail always knew she could confide in Janie when something went wrong.
“ I’m coming Abbey don’t worry”. Janie forced herself out of bed and shook the sleep over her face and body. The thought of the roller coaster crept into her head and she suddenly began to get the pit of nervousness in her stomach. She craved the exhilarating feeling of flying backwards though the air staring at the New York skyline while the world flew past her. The family piled into the car all with an unspoken excitement to visit the amusement park that was so important to all their history.

The bright lights exploded in the background and the sounds and smells of the amusement park filled the air with enjoyment and happiness. Janie’s green eyes lit up and she stared into the park.
“I’ll beat you to the rollercoaster”. Andrew screamed as he ran off into the distance. Andrew was 15 and filled with joy, dedication and attitude. Janie loved and admired her brother and couldn’t imagine life without him.
“You will not beat me Andrew” Abigail screamed as she ran into the distance with a watermelon smile on her face.
Janie and her parents let the kids run off and slowly walked and enjoyed the park. They admired the architecture of the rides and enjoyed the salty sweet treats that were so abundant and pleasing.

“Mom where’s Abbey and Andrew they’ve been gone a while?” A pit of uneasysness began to grow in Janie’s stomach. Her sibling had been gone a while they usually wouldn’t stay so long without asking for more money or food.

“I don’t see them” Janie’s mom answer as a look of worry crept upon her face as well. The family searched the park with no sign of Andrew or Abigail. They became increasingly panicked but tried hard to mask their emotions on a blank face.

“I see Andrew right there” Janie screamed as she ran into the direction of her brother. Her heart skipped with enjoyment knowing she had found her brother but sunk again when she saw his face. Stained with tears and pale white disaster was painted on Andrews face.

“I can’t find her anywhere. She’s gone” Andrew shook as Janie took him into her arms. They were terrified and struck with guilt, pain, anger, and sadness. Family meant everything to Janie she couldn’t imagine anything happening to her little sister whom she loved so much. The beautiful glowing complexion on Jamie’s face changed to a sickly green. Words weren’t spoken as the family split up in search for their darling daughter Abigail. Janie's mind raced as thousands of scenarios played in her head. She wanted her sister back and would give anything in the world to have her.

The family searched for hours terrified as each minute dragged longer and longer as the search remained unsuccessful. They contacted the police who were businesslike and cold. They couldn’t sympathize with a family who had lost their youngest child. Everyone was speechless, there was nothing to do, nowhere to go confusion and anger bubbled inside of him or her as they tried everything they could to find her.

Days went by, eventually weeks, and then months. The sadness became almost too much to bear for the family. Janie and her family stayed in Coney Island months past their original visit, they couldn’t imagine leaving knowing that Abigail might return. Every phone call was a disappointment; every knock on the door was a stab in the heart. The family lived in a black hole a destroyed version of what their life used to be. The house no longer smelled of salt and laundry detergent it smelled of tears and unhappiness. Silence filled the space where happiness once lived and daily life for everyone seemed tedious and a waste of time.

“Someone’s at the door mom” Janie called as a loud powerful knock pounded on the front door.

“Can you get it my love?” Janie’s mom asked in a sweet voice hoping to give solace to her grieving daughter.

Janie opened the door and immediately lost all feeling in her arms and legs. Her face went completely white and her hands began shaking involuntarily. Staring back at Janie was a beautiful young Abigail dressed in a hospital robe escorted by a hefty policeman with a thick mustache and a brown goatee. Janie didn’t know what to do excitement flushed over her entire body, she opened her mouth to speak but nothing came out. The warm touch of her sister blanketed her and emotions flooded the entire room. Tears poured from Janie and her younger sister.

“Oh my god” Janie’s mom exclaimed as her mouth dropped open. Her eyes began wide and welled with tears. The excitement was too much to handle as the whole family was rejoiced as their missing child was returned.

“I missed you” young Abigail whispered as they held each other in the kitchen surrounded by emotion.

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