living life on the edge

May 22, 2011
By betsy smith BRONZE, Denton, Texas
betsy smith BRONZE, Denton, Texas
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It was a very rainy day when Jamie got on the bus to go to school. It was Jamie’s ordinary schedule wake up, brush hair and teeth, eat breakfast and go to school. Jamie knew something was wrong, and she forgot to get something. Soon Jamie got on the bus and checked her backpack. She suddenly realized she forgot her math homework. Jamie was very timid because if she forgot her math homework again Mrs. Sites would give her another zero.

Jamie jumped up and ran up to the front of the bus, but it was too lat he had already left the house. She begged and begged but Mr. Dounder just told her to sit down. Jamie is not someone who takes no for an answer, so she went on and complained. Mr. Dounder was considering it, and finally he told her “fine but you have to wait until we pass this upcoming light. Jamie called her mother and told her to be waiting for her.

The storm made the sky very dark, but Mr. Dounder has an amazing eye’s on everything around him. When Mr. Dounder takes a upcoming right turn at the light, a red 18 wheeler truck was going 80 and plowed into the back of the bus. Jamie screamed as she went flying through the front window of the bus and hit the car in front of their bus.
Everyone in the bus was in shock as they saw Jamie on the cement road lying there. The ambulance rushed over to where Jamie was lying on the ground unconscious and bleeding badly. The ambulance team knew she would not make it, but when they looked over at all the kids crying and thinking about her family they knew they had to save her life. Jamie’s best friend called Jamie’s mother and told her what had happened. Crying her eyes out, Jamie’s mother rushed to the hospital as fast as possible. She ran into the hospital screaming where is Jamie Carmichael! “I WANT MY DAUGHTER!” The nurse Millie ran over to calm the mother down. Millie started telling Jamie’s mom that Jamie was going into (ICU), as they saw Jamie being pushed on a stretcher hastily through a hall. Her mother started screaming, and running after her but two men stopped her from seeing Jamie. They were taking Jamie into (ICU). The doctors were giving CPR for two full hours. One Two Three shock! One doctor did not loose hope yet; she was not going to give up until she physically could not help anymore. The other doctors looking at Jamie just standing there knowing she was just going to die, but could not pull Doctor Johnson away from the little girl.

Jamie’s mother knew that the only way to save Jamie was by praying her heart out. As she started praying she heard allot of familiar voices coming through the doors. It was practically the entire elementary school. They had all came because they wanted to be there for Jamie, not because anyone told them too, because they wanted to. Everyone was either making cards or praying in their heads for God to help Jamie. Her mother was crying continuously. It touched her heart that so many people cared about her daughter.

Doctor Johnson was getting extremely tiered and could not go much longer. Dr. Johnson passed out and Jamie’s heart monitor went to a flat line. The doctors went to go to Jamie’s mother what had happened, when two doctors came rushing in after them telling them that her heart started beating by itself again. Everybody jumped up with joy and happiness! Her mother was crying of happiness. Jamie’s mother’s heart was no longer broken, and it was filled with love. The doctors had to perform surgery because her heart was damaged. She had three broken ribs, a broken arm and leg. They were surprised she did not break every bone in her body. Jamie’s mother jumped up and thanked God for keeping her daughter alive. It took three weeks until Jamie could come home for the first time since the accident. Jamie told many people about this story, and how it affected her and her mother’s life. She had helped many people become Christians by telling her story and how God works through many tough times, and performs miracles.

The author's comments:
You only have one life. Live life to the fullest.

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