Let's Go Back in Time

May 22, 2011
By , Dubai, United Arab Emirates
It was a cold winter’s night; I could hear the wind rushing through the trees outside my bedroom window. I was snuggled up in my bed covered by the thick colorful quilt. All I could think about was March 25th, 2006, the day my brother passed away in a car accident. On this day, my brother and I were driving home late at night from a music concert. He was driving while I was in the passenger seat still excited from seeing our favorite band perform that night. I was singing and dancing in the car while he was quiet and focused on the road. I kept trying to get him to sing a long with me and be a little bit more excited, but he said, “No not now, its dark and I need to pay attention to the roads”. When approaching a traffic light, I gave him a slight push and told him “Lighten up! We just went to the most amazing concert, you can be a little more lively than this” and I continued singing. He looked at me and smiled not realizing the traffic light was red. I screamed at him to hit the breaks but I was too late. I looked to my left and all I saw were two huge lights approaching us. A massive truck smashed into the side of our small car where my brother was sitting, it was an instant death. I went into shock. Is my brother really dead? Was it my fault? I believe it was. My parents and I were devastated about our loss and till today I blame myself for it. If only I just listened to him and left him alone, if only I could turn back time.
I’m lying in bed, it is late and I’m struggling to fall asleep. Images of the night when my brother died were racing through my head. Different images rapped my mind as if phantoms had been in my room at that moment. I blinked and once I opened my eyes I was back to March 25th, 2006. I was sitting in the car with my brother again, how could this be? Is this a dream? It sure didn’t seem like one. Maybe this is my chance to change things, maybe this is my chance to get my brother back. I wanted to correct my mistake and be sure to prevent the accident. I’m sitting in the car knowing I could change the future, what I am feeling is indescribable. I am scared and I am nervous, what if I alter the entire future and mess something up really badly? What if? All I knew is that no matter the consequences I’ll be dammed if I'm about to let my brother die again. I glanced at my brother chills went through my entire body for the first time I am one with a ghost. Tears slowly start to fall down my cheeks. He looks at me and asks if I am okay. I make sure to respond to him as quick as I can because did not want to be a distraction "I'm fine Gabe just keep you're eyes on the road". As soon as the traffic light turned red I warned him “Hey its red, be careful”. “I know, I’m not blind” he said and started laughing. He quietly stopped at the red light and as soon as it was green he started driving again. I nervously looked around but there were no trucks in sight. I went from being teary-eyed and scared to having the biggest smile on my face. I did it! But the question is whether this is a dream or not. I can’t be traveling back in time can I? When I opened my eyes I ran to what used to be my brother’s bedroom. I slammed the bedroom door open and switched on the light. He wasn't there, I started sweating, and I was so confused. "That must have been a dream I told myself but relentless to not believing the truth I went to my parents bedroom. I asked them where Gabe was. My mother looked at me as if I was playing a practical joke my father quickly said you're brother is in heaven. Slowly I felt like my life was shutting down again. The dark forces that had been haunting me felt present again. See in reality I did turn back time; that same night when we came home my brother passed away from a heart attack. Slowly over the years I have been recovering from my bothers death, I accepted the fact that he was dead but never accepted the fact that it was a mistake. I learned that even if you can turn back time you cannot control someone's fate and my brothers fate ended in march 25th 2006.

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