# 2 The Outsider Looking In

May 18, 2011
You probably don’t know my name, or why I never talk. I'm the outsider. Here to stay until something better comes along. I'll be here for a while though, wasting away as the people I see fade farther away. As I've come to be part of this society I've learned much about your lives. And when I see someone I think could be a potential friend, I turn away. Cause then I realize I'm only here until something better comes along. Until I find a new place where I could start over maybe then I could be something more than who I was or who I think I am. I don’t need a friend, I need an escape. Last one to hear about the hot new gossip, never to get picked in volleyball. You need connections, I have only one. Me, the outsider, never let in, but always let out. You don’t care if I get an A, only care when I trip and fall. I'm insecure and guarded, and you probably wonder why. One day I going to get inside, it'll be different. Something I've never felt, a type of security and shoulder to cry on. But that's what I want, to be what you are. And as you ask yourself why, I'll be here being you. I'm the outsider, trying to get inside. What are you?

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