April 24, 2011
By Anonymous

All I ever wanted was someone to hold me and say they loved me even if
they didn't mean it. All I ever wanted was something more than a hug or a gift. All I ever
wanted was a father to call my own to say ''its not your fault", even when you know it is.
All I ever wanted was a dad. All I ever wanted was a fantasy horror ,something I couldn't
explain. All I ever wanted was a good dream but that never happened because al I
see is evil things . All I ever wanted was memories of me doing fun things. All I
wanted now was history but the way he died was a mystery.

I waited day by day waiting for him to say "baby girl I can stay you don't have to
cry", but I knew he couldn't. I watched him pack his bags that day was so sad. It was
cold and gloomy that day and none of the birds came out to play. We argued and cried
just because he couldn't deny that he was leaving, I felt awful inside like someone had
just died. I wasted all my tears just to hide my fear of him not being able to be here. He
looked me straight in the eye and said "I could never die because I love you". " If I was
to die I would ask you not to blame it on my worst fear because I could disappear".

I tried to sleep that night but all I could think about was what if my dad did die or
worse what if he committed suicide. I remember being some were cold and these weird
images of the forest popping up in my mind. I saw my dad so I screamed his name "dad".
He ran to me telling me to be quiet, I was so scared I didn't know where I was. Then he
looks at me and ask " do you remember when I asked you if I was to die not to blame it
on your worst fear", I answered "yes " "well I need you to be a big girl and go back home
and I don't care what you hear you keep running and you always remember that I love
you."He kissed my fore head and then I woke up ,it was so cold you could see your
breath . Out the corner of my eye I saw this dark figured thing and it looks at me and
says" it will be the perfect death " and disappears into thin air. I sat up for hours crying
my eyes out, I couldn't breath it felt like someone had just punched me in the stomach.
It was a long cold night for me I didn't know what just happened or what I just saw or
what was going to happen to my dad. The next morning my dad went to go help our
nation in battle.

Months and months go by since I had the nightmare but something just didn't feel
right to me. I tried talking to my mom about it but she just denied it and said " a good
little girl wouldn't make up stuff like this". So I decided I wanted to go to the mountains
with my cousins and maybe it would take my mind off of things. We drove up the
mountain to the trail and we decided to walk it. I don't know what happened but I had
the urgency to go off the trail and into the forest and there it was the place from my
dream but my dad wasn't there and it was during the day. I remember screaming so loud
that my tonsils started to hurt my cousins ran to me and asked me what was wrong and
I told them something's wrong with my dad my dad is going to get hurt and sure enough
when we got home my dad was in the hospital in a coma because he got hit in the head
with a 4x4. I thought I was going to lose my dad and I would never see him again then I
remembered that he told me he couldn't die because he loved me and sure enough he
woke up six hours later.

I learned that when you're younger that your mind puts things in a different
perspective so you understand it better because of how young and innocent you are .As a
kid your mind runs a million miles per second and your imagination is beyond anybodies
beliefs, like in the story I thought my dad was going to fight for the army but in reality my
parents were just getting a divorce. I also learned from this experience that you should
always trust your gut and your beliefs because if I didn't take my dream seriously my dad could've been in a more serious situation.

The author's comments:
had a hard time in 6th and 7th

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on May. 31 2011 at 2:27 pm
Julia Camp BRONZE, Sugar Land, Texas
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strong intro! good job!


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