rich central

May 17, 2011
my bags are packed, i said good-bye to every one and my old life but i have not let go, on the outside, I'm calm and excited but on the inside I'm terrified and nervous. I do not want to go to my last resort, but i am given no choice. he betrayed me, picked her over me, i do not want to be near her. her very presence aggravates me, so I'm getting in the car and starting a new life in the heights, the people are cruel, the schools are bad, and worst of all, being a new kid makes everything worse. I can go to hI'm, hes too far away, inside I'm droning in my terrors i try to scream and nothing comes out i try harder, everything goes numb, and fades to black. i wake up and i see hI'm my lover under cover, my romeo, my knight in shining armor sitting next to my bed and hes telling me hes moving, but not back to mchenry no, but to the heights, with me. Suddenly everything is alright, I'm being pulled back to the surface, and I'm floating above everything, and he is my cloud, i am no longer alone in this terror and i am no longer scared to go to my last resort knowing he's part of it.

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