Project Solo

May 16, 2011
By Anonymous


Time is like the flutter of a Butterflies wings. A single sign of movement can recreate, and change the obstacles of Past, Present, and Future. With out time, we are nothing. With nothing, we are, Solo.

It was about midday in a small town on the east side of Texas. Nick was the only person outside on that hot summer day. The sun shined down on his face as he sat down on the sidewalk waiting for a sign of life to just, walk outside, or a car to drive by him and show, he is still sane.

He began to think, maybe if he walked down to the local Library, he could find something productive to do. He started walking down the road, watching and noticing every tiny detail life had to offer him. Like a yellow bird, perching on the branch of an oak tree. Or a neighborhood cat, digging through some persons trash cans. The heat was almost to much for him. He started looking down the road as he walked and the heat rose up in the distance, blocking his sight of what’s ahead of him, but he managed to spot out the library from a fair distance.

As he walked in, he noticed people sitting quietly, minding their own business and reading. Nick walked up the water fountain and filled up his stomach with ice cold water. It began to drip off of his lips, down his chin and to his chest. Knowing his shirt was all ready wet from sweat, he could care less. After his refreshing drink, he began to search around the library for a book that would catch his attention and interests. And there it was, Sitting on the front desk alone. “Project Solo” was the name.

So he began to read it. The book had the most interesting topics to him.

“The after thought”, a Premonition.

“The Equilibrium”, the balance of life.

“The Reincarnation”, life after life.

Nothing got in the way of him and this book. He would read the book at breakfast, lunch and dinner. He even read the book until he fell asleep at night, if he even slept. It began to get out of control. His parents were worried and tried taking action. But everyone said that it was a normal effect. So they listened to them, and continued letting him read the book.

One night he finally finished the book. And the next morning, killed himself. Some say that it was depression. Some even said that it was an accident. But I think it was the book. “Project Solo”.

The author's comments:
Mr. Wilson

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Im not sure why they put it down as anonymous but this artical is writen by Kirkland Patterson


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