The Season Of Autumn (Book Blurb)

May 15, 2011
By LiveLoveDream BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
LiveLoveDream BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
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This is a blurb of my new Teen Urban ficiton series:

Summer time is almost here in the small urban town of Livingston, Louisiana. This summer is quite different for fourteen year old Autumn Lovett. The joy she used to feel when summer vacation came around just isn’t there anymore. Actually the word, “Joy” has been replaced with nothing but Drama and heartache for Autumn; who is still trying to cope with the fact that she may never get to see her innocent father again outside of the Louisiana correctional facility. Ever since Richard Lovett was sentenced to prison for a crime he didn’t commit, the Lovett household hasn’t been the same. In fact, the event has taken a toll on the whole family, especially Autumn’s mother; who will stop at nothing to get her husband out of prison, even if it puts the family in great debt and emotional despair. Autumn tries her best to bottle up her emotions in front of her friends but it’s really breaking her down inside each day. As much as Autumn tries to seem strong in front of her friends, her hard shell is cracking and slowly but surely reaching its breaking point.
Autumn can’t seem to find comfort anywhere, not from home and not really from her friends who each seem to be dealing with their own problems. One of Autumn’s closest friends’, Teresa Porter is heading to a path of destruction. Teresa doesn’t even seem functional anymore, all she speaks and thinks about is the town’s new popular eye candy, Justin Harrison, who Autumn can’t stand. Autumn’s friendship with Teresa seems to be standing on its last leg, the friend Autumn knew and loved is gone and she has no choice but to accept that her friend is not going to change.

Autumn surprises herself when she starts talking to Justin at her weakest moment and becomes his friend. She is confident that they will just remain friends, even though she is starting to catch feelings for Justin. As times get harder, Justin is right there listening to Autumn, it gets harder to resist him. Not even Autumn can predict what happens next or the outcome. Autumn is put up to the ultimate test, will she stay true to herself when the going gets rough? Or will she fade to the background along with her ex-best friend? On top of it all, a new gang is terrorizing the community and one of the members might be closer to Autumn than what she thinks. This is definitely the Season of changing colors.
Find out what happens in The Season of Autumn

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