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May 11, 2011
By OreoLover BRONZE, Houston, Texas
OreoLover BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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Don’t sing me awake little bird, let me sleep. Let my mind spin me fairy tales and take me away to lands unseen. Let it take me away from reality. Don’t sing to me little bird, let me go back to my dream so wonderfully woven; so vivid. I see bright colors, feel the cool breeze on my back and taste the salty sea spray. I stare out past the endless ocean, past the boat sailing away, watching the birds dive and swoop at each other. I want to go back and re-live it. The bird’s melody spirals up into higher notes. The sound pierces my mind, driving away every thought of that dream from it. The smell of bacon and biscuits drifts into my room; my mouth waters. It’s impossible to sleep now that I’ve lost the dream. It fades farther and farther away into the recesses of my mind. The blanket feels restricting somehow and my head is sweaty against the pillow cover. I hear the fan’s constant squeaking as it spins round and around. No way can I sleep now. I throw off the blanket and slowly inch out of bed. I dress for the day and head to the kitchen to eat breakfast, the dream occupying every space in my mind. The morning passed like any other. I get dressed for school, eat a breakfast of biscuits, bacon and fruit then have my mother drive me to school. I go to class, walk to another class and another class and nothing changes. Nothing is unusual or different. The usual drama comes from friends and pressure from teacher to succeed. All it takes is a one word; one word to make me remember what it felt like to lose something. Like a certain someone in a boat, sailing farther and farther away till they disappear into a tiny speck. I remember that feeling, but from where? I’m nostalgic for a place I have yet to go to, or rather someplace I don’t remember being. It all comes
flooding back; my dream. Every single scene and feeling I woke up with was mine again; every second of that sunset beyond the water and sand between your toes. Every droplet of gritty water stinging your face as I stood on that beach watching as the ship shrinks away. It’s all mine again. Little bird I brushed away, come back. Come back to the branch by my window. Lull me to sleep, my sweet little bird. Take me back home.

The author's comments:
Dedicated to the loud bird calls outside my window.

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