Break A Leg!

May 11, 2011
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Hi, my name is William and I have a math test today. I was really nervous about it since I’ve been studying for it for a week, but my friend, Danny, told me, “Come on, William! It’s not so hard. I’ll tell you the magic words that might help you: Break a leg!” I didn’t understand. I mean, why do I have to break a leg to pass a test? And if I had to, whose leg was I supposed to break? The thoughts just kept running through my head and I walked to my locker. I stood for about a minute before I knew why I was just staring at my locker. I began turning the lock from 3 to 13 until Charles came out of nowhere and pushed me. I really don’t understand Charles. He just comes and pushes me for no reason, ignoring the fact that I just want to open my locker, but he did something new this time. He told me, “Hey! Out of my way, you idiot! Can’t you see that I am trying to walk?” Then he looked at my locker for a while and turned the lock around so I had to do the combination again. I shrugged and went to my locker to open it, but he kept standing in front of it. “Charles, can you move? I need to get to my locker to get my things,” I said, looked at him with a bored expression. He chuckled and said, “No way! I’m going to keep standing here until school ends.” I got really angry and started steaming. “Oh, don’t worry about me. I already failed this year, so I have to repeat it. As for you, you should just go on with your day without your stuff,” he paused for a moment and then said something that made me lose it, “Oh did I say day? I meant YEAR!” I ran to find the nearest huge rock to drop on his leg. After I found it, I hid it behind my back, but it was kind of hard to hide it. I called him and told him that if put out his leg, he can be a ninja. He was a very stupid guy in general, but I didn’t think he would buy it. Fortunately for me, he bought it and stretched his leg out for his horrible demise. I told him to also close his eyes so that he can be even more like a ninja, and he bought that too. I carried the rock very carefully, aiming at the middle of his leg so that I can break it. Finally, I dropped it and that’s when he started screaming and crying. He yelled, loud enough for the teachers to hear “William, what is wrong with you?” I was caught in the crime scene, unfortunately, and I was kicked out of school for attacking Charles. After that episode, Danny explained to me that ‘break a leg’ meant good luck. I didn’t understand how breaking a leg was good luck because so far, I’ve only had bad luck. There was a little bit of good luck though: I didn’t do the test.

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