May 19, 2011
By slaterm93 BRONZE, Argyle, Texas
slaterm93 BRONZE, Argyle, Texas
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Landon thought quietly to himself rubbing his hands against his forehead, he could not think about anything else other than his mom, Autumn, and his fifteen year old sister, Marry. Landon’s parents were now going through a long divorce process, which was breaking their family apart.
Autumn had recently kicked Landon out of the house for skipping school too much, along with his defiant attitude. Landon was a child who never really learned his lessons. Landon had one mission and one mission only, and that was to defy authority. He made his own personality. One would tell Landon to turn left, and he would then turn right because he wanted to be independent. Landon was determined to be his own person, and he was successful at it too. To everyone else, Landon was a leader in their own eyes. Even if Landon was not obeying correctly it was okay, because everyone else still loved him.
On a warm day in May, while Landon was at work, his mother Autumn came to the decision that it was time for Landon to learn from his mistakes, and planned out a convenient trap for Landon. She forced Mary to play along in the trap. Landon finished his work walking out of the ice cream shop, fixing the chairs appropriately although he was off the clock, another trait his boss admired. Marry spotted Landon walking from a distance towards her car, she knew it would be too late to say anything but she still wanted to. Landon hopped in the car, and thanked his sister for the ride. Landon started strategizing his sleeping arrangements for the night as he dumped the trash bags full of clothes into the back of the car something bright grabbed his attention. As he looked up and he saw bright red, white, and blue flashes, seconds later a siren went off. Mary now having her face covered in tears bursts out yelling, “I am sorry Landon!” The police officer walked over to Landon’s side of the car recognizing the license plate number on the car he had been instructed to follow and to apprehend the runaway.
Landon was sent to jail that night and was bailed out twenty-two hours later. His parents together came and got him out, after having left him there for his punishment for long enough. It was time for them to come back together and to reunite as a family once again. In the end one mistake was made through all this, and that was his mother and father both forgot, that their son was not like other boys. He was independent, and their actions only drove him farther away from them. Later on the car ride home Landon’s mother insisted that he had been using drugs, because according to wikepedia he had all of the side affects, to which Landon only responded, “Try searching the affects of divorce it is not that hard to figure out.”
This story is only sad because of the potential he had, but believe what you want, because this is only a “Fictional” story.

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