Fitting In.

May 8, 2011
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Its the make-up that makes them who they are. But she doesn't see that, all she See's is the amount of friends she has and what she gets. She wont see the consequences she'll put herself in or the trouble she makes.

The A* are turning into F's one by one; just so she doesn't get called a "class geek". The questions i know she knows don't get answered by her.
The way she acts around people now it doesn't have a meaning, she's become so rude these past few weeks! We used to be best friends but then something broke, something snapped in her mind, it was her self-esteem, her courage, her spirit had left her body, she was like a hollow shell waiting to be controlled.

She was always happy with her appearance and what she got but now everything has to be expensive make and a certain colour. It was just me and her, but now it her and the world not me its never me, I'm the last of her list.

Her life before in Junior school was great, she has changed for the worst. I tell her everyday. It never seems to sink in. It was always your just jealous of me or just because i get more than you!

I just thought it was because she had a full of brothers she was going insane, but the real reason was to get attention and to feel like someone. Now its as if her favorite word it i want i want i want.

I know this girl very well, in fact maybe a bit to well, to me it like looking in the mirror. This monster has turned in to me!

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