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May 7, 2011
By EllieeeeX BRONZE, Bexleyheath, Other
EllieeeeX BRONZE, Bexleyheath, Other
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Thursday 12th April:
Dear diary,
Today I realised something. Although at school I'm surrounded by friends and admirers, I only really have two real friends. You know them, Maisie Simmons and Lauren Taylor. They're my true friends, ones that can't be replaced. This was proved today when that b**** Adrianna tried to start on me. She just randomly came up to me and started getting lairy over some past stuff. I pushed her, and all the people surrounding me stepped back except Maisie and Lauren. They backed me up, and Adrianna just gave me some stupid look and walked off. The people rushed back into the circle again, acting like it never happened. Well, that must showed how much they really cared about me as a person. And not just as the most popular, and prettiest, girl in the school. Maisie and Lauren are like twins, I suppose. They both have long, straight dark brown hair, hazel coloured eyes, pink lips and small noses. But the biggest difference is their personalities. Lauren is ready to go, ready to get up and do something to help others (except people she hates, obviously). She's really strong willed, and an awesome friend. Maisie likes being in her comfort zone. She's a hilarious friend because of who she is and what she does. Like yesterday when she pushed some random year 7 into a locker. I burst out laughing, because he was obese, and he stacked. He looked like a pig squirming around in mud. She's loyal to her heart and her friends. And this is why I'm friends with the two best people in the world. Friday 13th April:
Dear diary,
Some cute new guy has started at school. He is so mysterious! He had his sunglasses on all day, so I couldn't even peek at his eyes. He's in all of my classes, even the sad ones, like spanish and music. All the girls that he passed today sighed, like they wished he was theirs. And I guess I did that too. On Monday I'm gunna introduce myself, if he doesn't know who I am yet. And I haven't described him yet, have I. Well, from what I could see, he was gorgeous. He had straight bronze coloured hair on his pretty little head. He had a cute button nose and pink lips. He even blushed when everyone stared at him, which made him look so adorable! Aside from that, Maisie and Lauren are staying round mine for the weekend. It's times like this that I love having friends that know almost everything about everyone. And luckily my little brother Liam is going round his little friends tomorrow and Sunday, which means we won't get bothered. Well, Lauren is trying to read my diary at the minute, so I might put it some place she can't reach, like on top of my wardrobe.
Sunday 15th April:
Dear diary,
Well, this weekend has been great. Dad's been on a business trip to... I can't remember, but he said something. Mum went to a club with all her old friends on friday night and got so drunk she had to stay with a friend until her hangover went. She got back a few hours ago. So me, Maisie and Lauren spent some time alone in my lovely house. Last night we discussed what we're doing for the Easter event. I know it's quite late, but we had absolutely no ideas for it. We have 15 days 'til easter Monday, so 14 days to get everything done up. Maisie's already started buying some stuff for it. We'll be doing up the gym, and we might have a small fate outside. In the gym, we'll decorate it in pastel pink, baby blue and a creamy yellow. We might have some stalls with easter eggs on it that you can win. We may also do a raffle, and the winner will win some Easter basket thing. Most of this was Lauren's idea. The colours were mine, and the raffle was Maisie's. Lauren is down at the school right now doing some early preparations. Tomorrow when we go back, I'll have a word with some of the people that hang around with me to help out. And, I'm still going to introduce myself to the new guy. I don't even know his name! I need to find out... Monday 16th April:
Dear diary,
Oh god, today it was so embarrassing! Adrianna was talking to Him at lunch. She was sat at his table, and was all over him. It made me gag, honestly. I just looked at him, and Adrianna glared at me. Everyone was watching, and just as I went to sit with Maisie and Lauren, it tripped over my own stupid foot. I can say no more, that explains itself. The only bit of progress I made was learning his name. Apparently, he's called Ollie Mentessi. Ah, such a beautiful name. The Easter thing is coming along nicely. Our woodwork teacher has already made and painted one or two of the stalls with some of the students' help. Me, Maisie and Lauren bunked off double p.e to help with the wall decorations. The head teacher said we could paint on the walls, he said,"Those old walls need a new lick of paint. It's been at least 15 years since they were painted white..." Well, the walls are actually a dirty shade of grey, so he was being honest. We painted it white first of all, then added some dots of pastel pink. We felt good after not doing two straight hours of outdoor p.e.
Tuesday 17th April:
Dear diary,
I finally introduced myself to Ollie today before second lesson. I'll write what our conversation was like:
Me: Hi! You're the new guy aren't you. My name's Abbie Edwards and...
Ollie: Umm, yeah hi! I'm Ollie, and, umm, it's nice to meet you, Abbie.Then he took off his sunglasses for a moment! I noticed that his eyes were a deep brown. He smiled at me, and rushed away in the opposite direction. I gave every detail to Maisie and Lauren, which wasn't much. But it was a big thing for me! And also, after our little conversation, in our classes I noticed that his chair was inched a little closer to mine, even if he was on the other side of the room. We bunked again today, except during art and spanish. We've finished the complete coat of white paint all round the gym. Just lots and lots of multicoloured dots to do. We're not even gunna go near the making part. We'll leave that to the saddos who love their wood and metal.
Wednesday 18th April:
Dear diary,I'm seeing dots! Even though I painted five, I just see circles. Maisie wasn't in today, so me and Lauren painted fifteen dots between us. We really need some other people to help. I might ask Ollie tomorrow. I texted Maisie and Lauren earlier that we're going to go to that boutique shop to get some dresses for the Easter thing on Saturday. I can't wait! Well, we have to look our best, don't we. I looked in the mirror today, wondering what dress would compliment my face. I saw long, golden curly hair that was treated like royalty. My sky blue eyes that were a clearer shade than the actual sky. A straight, perfect nose, and rosy red lips. And the natural tan completing the look. It's no wonder that the guys can't keep their cute little eyes away from me.
11pm:Update on the Easter event: I got a text from Maisie saying that she was going to look a right spanner. I asked why, and she said she was coming in a freaking rabbit costume! Sometimes I wonder if that girl's all there. Also Mum got a call from the head teacher saying that we could have a spare key to the school. It's so that when no ones there we have the perfect chance to do something in the gym. I get the key tomorrow.
Thursday 19th April:
Dear diary,
I've got some new helpers in the gym! And of course one of them is Ollie! I asked him in maths; it's the only lesson where we sit next to each other. And the lesson where Adrianna's too inbred that she can't work out 2+2, so she's in a lower set. Maisie was in today, so she asked some year 7's and 9's. She said there was chocolate in it for them, so they signed up straight away. They're gunna help with making the stalls. Lauren asked the weird guy that fancies her to help out. He said yes, obviously. And then went on about going on a date to 'discuss things'. I laughed when I got told this, and told Lauren to push him down the stairs. She's waiting for the perfect opportunity. Me, Lauren and Maisie might start painting again on Monday. We might keep everyone else painting, except Ollie. He paints when I do, so I can stare at him without him noticing.

Friday 20th April:
Dear diary,
I'm gunna stay round Lauren's house this weekend with Maisie. Almost every weekend we sleep round each others houses. It's like a tradition, we've been doing it since year 3. We bunked spanish today to watch how everything was going today. Surprisingly, year 8's are good at painting. They've covered most of the gym in pink dots. When they finish with the pastel pink, they'll move onto the baby blue dots. Adrianna wasn't in today, so I didn't have to put up with her pug face staring at me all day. Ollie looked kind of relieved, 'cause Adrianna's like a leech. So I asked him at break if he wanted to sit with us, and he said okay! So from what I learnt at lunch, he's originally from Italy, and he had an older brother who died. When I was about to sympathise he moved onto a completely different subject. I think they had some big problems. He told me that he was living in a maisonette with some old lady who had the bottom floor. He said that she was called Mrs Flowers, although Mr Flowers died many years ago. Apparently she's nice, but she's lost a few of her marbles. Maisie and Lauren were watching and listening to us. They said afterwards that 'I kept leaning forward, and Ollie did too.' And apparently, we were so close that it looked like we were gunna kiss. Their point of view, not mine. I'm packing some of my stuff right now. I don't whether to put you in there or not. You might get read in the middle of the night, or thrown out of the window by Lauren's 5 year old cousin Hollie. Hollie lives with Lauren and her family because her mum died choking in kfc, and her dad died two days after the same way. Maybe that's why Lauren doesn't like kfc. Okay, I'm gunna leave you on top of my wardrobe. It's so Liam can't reach you, and Mum wouldn't think of you being there.
Sunday 22nd April:
Dear diary,
We have 7 days to finish decorating! We haven't even set up the stalls, bought the stuff and finished painting! That's why yesterday we went to school and painted all of the blue dots in. Just yellow to go now. We went to that shop, and it turns out that Maisie really is going in a bunny costume! So just me and Lauren bought dresses. I got a stylish red dress that goes in at the waist and puffs out at the skirt part. It reaches my knees and has REAL DIAMONDS sown into the top part. I looked so gorgeous in it! I chose some red heels that looked like they were made to go with that dress. Lauren got a cute pink dress that suits her perfectly. It's a bit shorter than my dress, but it makes Lauren look taller and more elegant. She also bought some pink heels that make her taller than Maisie. I'm still tallest though, I always am. We stole our mum's credit cards to buy our dresses. They might kill us, the dresses were quite expensive; especially mine. But it'll be worth it. We might return them if our mum's threaten to ground us both. Maisie's gunna buy her rabbit suit from the party shop. And I got a text from Ollie yesterday! I didn't even give him my number! It said 'Hey Abbie, it's Ollie. Some weird guy gave me your number x'. You can tell how shocked Maisie and Lauren were! I was stunned, about him texting me and the 'weird guy' who had my number. It might have been one of the guys that surround me daily.
Monday 23rd April:
Dear diary,
6 days til Easter sunday! Me, Maisie, Lauren and Ollie bought some year 8's some of the stuff that they like. In return we got seven small painters. We finished painting all of the yellow dots today! Now we need to focus on the stalls and all of the prizes. Apparently the head teachers gunna give us £150 to buy everything. We'll see if that really happens. Only two more stalls need to get made by the woodwork department. Aside from that, Ollie kept trying to lodge Adrianna today! It was hilarious. At break she was crying in the field, all on her larry. All her old friends ditched her, because she was such a b****, and joined the group that follow me. I think that's why she hates me. So at lunch Ollie sat with me, Maisie and Lauren. My 'friends' sat near and around our table. Ollie just gets more adorable! I asked him why he moved from Italy to the UK. He said it was because he had his heart broken by some girl. He even looked sad as he said that. And Maisie described later that we were even closer than the last time! I don't know if Ollie likes me or not. He might like me, he might just be really polite, or just hangs around with me for status. Well, I don't know. We'll have to wait and find out then, won't we...
Tuesday 24th April:
Dear diary,
Oh, my, god! Today was the day I've been waiting for! Well, it was after school. Me, Maisie and Lauren had just come out of history. We were walking out of the doors, when I saw Ollie sidle up to me. He said 'Hey Abbie! Umm, d'you want me to walk you home?' I stared at him, like a mong. I exchanged a look with Maisie, and then Lauren. Lauren's look said 'I see, go ahead, he's all yours!' And Maisie's look said 'Get in there! Tell me everything tomorrow!' So we took the long way, through the woods. We were walking through the greenery, taking shy looks at each other. I saw a pure black crow that was huge. It saw us, cawed, and swooped towards us. I screamed; I don't like things jumping out at me, or attacking me. I sunk down to the floor so it wouldn't get me. It flew over our heads, shrieking away. Ollie offered his hand to me, and I held onto it. He pulled me up, and Maisie's voice rang in my head. 'Kiss him you idiot!' And I did! He kissed me back, and I felt like I would burst. When I pulled away, he opened his pretty eyes and it felt like he was looking right through me. I looked down, all shy, and smiled. I was still holding his hand, and we walked like that until we got to my house. We got up to my door, and he said goodbye to me. He pulled me into a tight hug, and kissed my cheek. It was so sweet! Then he walked home. I ran up the stairs and texted every detail to Maisie and Lauren. They were just as shocked as I was! Aside from that great news, all of the stalls for Monday have been made and painted!

Btw, It's not finished yet!!! x

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