Rainy Days

May 6, 2011
By Anonymous

Boom. Boom. Boom. Terrified screams are heard across the hall. The lights flicker as the storm continues. Boom. Boom. The expected noise returns, but it gets us every time. As I sit in the most worn down room of the high school, the rain creeps in through the windows. This is the worst storm Webster City has had in a while.

Rumbling in my stomach makes me glance at the clock. I read the numbers nine, four, three. I’m not sure if I can make it another two hours for food. Boom. Screams get more intense, just as the thunder does. It was supposed to have passed an hour ago. The small room darkens as black clouds fill the sky. Lights flicker and the ringing sound starts. Everyone gets up and switches classes.

History, my least favorite class is what I will encounter next. Things in this school all went downward after the class of 2011. As I walk in the room the smell of dirty shoes is there. Wrinkly face, greasy hair, and evil eyes stand the teacher. I look more closely seeing the long and dark hairs stick out of one her moles. Mrs. Nayr stands there with her cane and she can hardly stand. As she speaks you think she is from a foreign country. I wish I could I avoid this class but I can’t. I have missed so many days. I try to hold my breath for as long as possible. Randomly the TV is on the news channel. Breaking news? I guess this storm is worse than I thought. The reports say it won’t stop for days. Flicker. Flicker. The lights dim down until there are no more lights.

We sit in the dark room doing nothing, because we see no point in being here. Principal Tunte comes to the History room. Apparently we are stuck in the school until the storm passes. One problem with that would be the lunch ladies cannot make lunch. This really sucks, because I am very hungry. Moans and groans, creep throughout the school. Not a single should is happy about this. They can’t make us stay in school with no food. I know they will anyways. Non brilliant like I am, a plan crosses my mind.

Planning exactly what I want takes a while. I finally decide to send a mass text message to all the seniors saying, “We have to get out of here. When it is noon grab your bags and run to the gym. Then we can all get to our cars. There is no way they can stop us all.” My idea is perfect and I am so hungry that I want to leave now. Tick tock. Tick tock. I watch the clock move ever so slowly. I am for sure that it can’t go any slower.

The bell rings at noon. I jump up and grab my bag. I run as fast as I can to the gym. People are giving me bad looks as I bump into them. When I reach the gym I see all my peers. We will make it out perfectly. We run towards the door eager to open it. Click. The door is locked and we can’t get out. Crap. Back packs are thrown at the window of the door, as well as the people. All of these attempts are worthless. I do remember my sister telling me about how she thought this school was a prison. She was so wrong and right at the right time. Boom. Boom. Boom. Crackle. Then there is a moment of silence.

The rules are broken every day at this school which I think is a prison. Once the silence is over people break out into fights. Saliva and blood flies everywhere. The smell of sweat lingers through the air. Teachers run into the gym to stop the scene. It is useless and people are still yelling. I then hear another noise. Click. It is the noise of the door unlatching. I look toward the noise as I always would, but instead of looking away I stare.

Long brown hair sways as the most beautiful girl in the school walks into the gym. When she looks at me with those piercing green eyes I get the butterflies. She has plump, but perfectly placed lips that shine. Just a smile can makes someone’s heart beat stop. It is unbelievable how beautiful this girl is. She lights up a cigarette as she sits down on the bleachers. Her star tattoo is noticeable on her lower back. She is wearing shorts and a pink tank top. I would say a normal clothing day for her. I get a last glimpse at her perfect curves and then the bell rings.

I am commonly known as the quiet, tomboy girl. I have short brown hair and brown eyes. I am the way I am, because I fear people. Honestly, I am not normally quiet. I just hate school and don’t want people to know me. As I walk down the hall I think about Katie. Her beautiful face and perfect body will not leave my mind. The crush I had on her freshmen year has not stopped. I am worried I can’t keep this a secret anymore.

“Hey Lisa,” Katie says. Frightened, but her Italian accent keeps me cool. Shivers run up my back and I start to sweat.

“Hey Katie how are you?” the words crackle out of my mouth. I know I sound like an idiot, because I am so nervous. She looks at me with those eyes and I can tell she knows I am nervous.

She smiles at me and I can’t help but to smile back. I’m not sure if she is straight, gay, or bisexual. Giving my thoughts a chance is the only way to find out. We don’t really know much about each other, but I remember last year’s party. It was in a dark room. Kind of like how the school looks today, due to the storm. A bit tipsy we were. Soft lips on mine and the feel of her skin were the best thing ever. The kissing and giggling are still memorable. I wish this could happen again. Without really thinking it through I grab her hand. We start walking to class. She does not let go of my hand so I am almost positive that I have a chance with this beautiful girl.

Eighth period is finally here. Only forty three minutes of this long school day. I look outside only to remember the bad storm we were having. It’s funny how a girl can get your mind off of these things. My stomach rumbles intensely. I remember just how hungry I am. Walking to my locker with a big smile, I feel a tap on my shoulder.

“Come to my place,” her voice whispers.

I just look at her and nod. My dreams are coming true. Well at least I hope they are! I decide to stop at home first to get a bite to eat. The rain pours down on me and the wind is almost knocking me over when I leave. Driving my worn down, rusted, smelly car to her house is embarrassing. I park my car and walk up to her door. It opens just before I get the chance to knock.

“I think we should sue the school,” she says.

All I do is agreed; hoping good things would come next. Being comfortable around her is so easy and it seems like she feels the same way. We make way to her room and lie down on the bed. Her soft fingers run through my hair. I hold back as best as possible, but it will not last long. My heart beats faster and faster. My shirt comes off and then I let go. Good things happen in Katie’s room tonight. The school of Webster City is sued for keeping us in school with no food. I am sure it will shut down in a few years, but for now I am happy. I get to be with the hottest girl in school.

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