A Long December

May 10, 2011
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Emry rested his back against the cool dunes overlooking the beach. As he stared out into the ocean watching the waves gently lapping against the shore he felt a presence. He pulled himself up as she neared, still looking into the sea. Whenever she was around he normally couldn’t help but feel calm, she seemed to perfectly reflect the ocean he currently gazed at. A chill went down his arm as a light feminine touch fell across his shoulder.

“Hello Nim…” he spoke softly.

“You shouldn’t be out here in the middle of winter. I know it’s not freezing but you could still catch your death Emry!” The concern in her voice, where it would normally have been soothing, just rankled his soul this time.

“Heh…if only…” He chuckled darkly to himself, pointedly not looking up into what would undoubtedly have been a harsh glare trying to burrow through his skull.

“Why are you acting this way Emry? It’s almost Christmas!” Her voice spiked in happiness at that word, “Come on! What do you want for Christmas?”

Emry stared off deeper into the ocean as if searching it for that simple answer.

“Christmas Nim?” He scoffed, “What do I want for Christmas? Hah!” There was that dark, hollow laugh again, it clashed harshly against the gentle sounds of the surf.

Suddenly Emry’s entire posture changed, his shoulders slumped, his head bent down, and tension left his back.

“I want you to come back Nimue.” Was his resigned statement.

The cool touch pulled away from his arm as she let out a pained sigh.

“I’m sorry Emry…I can’t come back. It has to be over…in fact I shouldn’t even be here.” She let loose one sob before holding them back. “It’s been a month, I should go…for good this time.”

With a quick twist of his head Emry finally looked towards her for the first time that night. She looked as if her entire body was cloaked in mist. As she slowly backed away it seemed as if the ocean spray added to that cloak, hiding her further.

“No…” Emry steeled himself for what was going to happen. He knew he couldn’t follow her.

“Good-bye Emry…” The whispering voice sweetly passed by his ears. He looked up again to see her for dispersing into the waves. “I’m sorry…” the final words were barely audible.

“Why’d you have to die?” He pulled his knees up into his chest. “Why Nimue?”

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