When Lost, Search.

May 9, 2011
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“Come out of your room, Ellie.” My mom exclaimed from the other side of the locked door.
“I don’t want to. I don’t need to.” I said sharply. I have no intention of communicating with the outside world once again. My life is officially over. I pull over the covers to my chin and brought my body into a rocking position while leaning my back against my wooden headboard.
“You can’t hide in your room forever, honey.” She preached. “You’re only sixteen. This is one of many challenges you will face in your teenage years. Hiding won’t solve anything.” I think I’ll hibernate forever. That’s my option.

Last Friday night, my best friend Carrie, her boyfriend Aaron, and I went to Ana’s annual Spring Break bash at her mansion. My best friend is the most popular girl in our grade. She has the perfect looks, and also the perfect boyfriend-Aaron. Aaron and I are best friends, and were since second grade ever since we loved the same color crayon. He and I have a thing- but secretly. Secretly I want him. I have a feeling he wants me, but he can’t reject the most popular girl in school.

As we entered the door, I accepted the offer of beer. I let the alcohol burn down my throat. I figured a few more beers wouldn’t hurt. Apparently, I had too many. Reality sunk in when I saw myself in Ana’s bedroom with Aaron and my best friend walked in on us.
Right then and there I lost what was so pure- my virginity and my best friend.
A few hours later, I put on my North face and sweats, grabbed the keys, and headed to Carrie’s house to gain the most important person to me.

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