The Recital

May 5, 2011
Slender fingers hovered over white and black keys, a nervous air around her. The church was white with pews the same color, the sun poured in with dust in its rays. The snowy pews were filled with people; they were sitting ready with open ears. The silence grew stronger, there was shifting among, no one really knew what to think. Her eyes stared straight, with her mind not quite ready, but she could feel she needed to start. The first two notes played, they were low, they were powerful. The chord sliced through the clear room with ease as more notes followed with royalty. The sound was dark blue, so smooth and rich, but the feelings were changing throughout.
The audience had been listening with just their ears; they had forgotten to look at the blond girl. She wasn’t the same as when she began, but certainly had changed for the better. Surrounded by joy and confidence within, her fear had completely vanished. She was consumed by the music that swirled and swayed; it filled the room with such energy.
There was tension chased by release, but it rode so efforlessly, the piece was almost at its end. Her hands swooped up the square keys with such grace until they stopped at a peaceful harmony. She let the notes stay and ring to fill the room so that everyone could recollect themselves. Her fingers touched off the keys with tranquility and then she arose from her bench. Her smile was grand and she took a strong bow with her hair falling down from her shoulders. The girl was so happy that it was all over and the listeners were glad that she played.

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