May 2, 2011
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I woke up on a Friday morning thrilled and ready for school. Tonight's the game versus Oregon and after game time I'm going to James' house. James is like my brother and Sarah, his girlfriend, is my best friend. They like setting me up with James' friends, so that's what's happening tonight.

School was okay, I had three tests and I passed them all. Sarah and I decided to go to walmart and hangout until the game. We walked around until finally James picked us up. The game was pretty good, we devoured Oregon 66-0. When we finally got out of all the traffic we headed out for open country.

James and Sarah thought it would be fun to go to a corn field party, so they called my blind date up and we headed over to the party.

When we got there everyone was drinking and dancing. James went to go find my blind date. Sarah and I sat on a hay bail drinking soda. James finally came back with Sean,a tall 19 year old country boy, whom I find attractive.

Later that night, James, Sean and their friend Tyler all decided they were gonna get into a fight with some guys that had just shown up and were hitting on Sarah and I. James started the fight; Sean and Tyler backed him up.

After what seemed like forever of fighting, someone yelled that the cops had been called. Sean grabbed Jason and threw him over his shoulder, grabbed my hand as I grabbed Sarah's' and we all ran for his truck since James' car was up at the house.

Once we were all in Sean headed for James' house. We were rounding a curve when I saw a truck coming straight at us. Sarah and I screamed, Sean gave me a kiss, and grabbed me and held me while James held on to Sarah. After that all I remember is hearing metal crush.

I woke up two days later. Sarah, James and Sean were all on one side of my hospital bed; Sean holding my hand. My mom and dad were on the other side. Apparently, I got the worst injuries out of the accident. The guy that hit us was the guy that James had gotten into a fight with; His name was Josh. He told his brother that he was gonna kill us because the cops had gotten called over the fighting.

I stayed at the hospital for a week. When they discharged me Sean was allowed to take me home. He took me to dinner at Red Lobster; it was really nice. At dinner we kind of made it official that we were dating.

The next night, James, Sarah, Sean and I all stayed at James' house. We partied. It was so much fun. Sean and I really hit it off so it wasn't awkward or anything.

Two weeks after the accident the guy who caused the accident, Josh, was convicted of 4 counts of attempted murder with a deadly weapon, his truck, and he was also given a DUI because he was drunk when he hit us.

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